The Talent of Artist Pino Runs in the Family

The phrase “like uncle, like nephew” may not have the same ring of familiarity as “like father, like son”, but when it comes to the artist Pino and the artist Vidan, no other phrase but the first will do. There may not be two other artists in history whose familial links and artistic talents have been so closely aligned as Pino and his nephew Vidan.

Two Sides of the Same Coin - Artist Pino and Artist Vidan

From their days as a formidable artistic duo in their native Italy to their studio work together in their adopted home of America, Pino and Vidan have demonstrated a visual style that is both strikingly similar yet extremely distinctive. Some might even say their work represents two sides of the same coin.

The fates and styles of Pino (born Giuseppe Dangelico) and Vidan began in the art schools of Italy where their individual talents were nurtured. For Pino, it was in the Art Institute of Bari and Academy of Brera in Milan, where he perfected his style that was greatly influenced by the pre-Raphaelites. His nephew Vidan found a similar education when it came time for him to attend art school, which included the Liceo Artistico di Milano and Brera’s Academia delle Belle Arti.

Windswept by Pino
Windswept by Pino
Summer Heat by Vidan
Summer Heat by Vidan

Sharing the Similar Career Path

It’s no stretch to say that Vidan was greatly influenced by his uncle’s decision to make art his profession. Pino’s influence was so great that when he moved to America in the late 1970s, Vidan made a similar move 10 years later. Indeed, the two shared the same studio and worked side by side, creating works that both became staples in the collections of many art patrons.

And both great artists made their first big impressions as illustrators for romance novel covers, often working for the same publishers. Both Pino and Vidan have created covers for books published by Harlequin and Zebra, as well as several others.

But the most striking similarity in the careers of Pino and Vidan is in their art itself. Both are experts in creating sensuous images of the female form, as well as their stunning use of light and shadow to shape their images and lift them from the canvas. Both also are masters at capturing expressions and situations with subtleties such as a slight turn of the head, a sideways gaze, a tilt of the neck.

From Novel Cover Art to Painting Landscapes

Extending their talents, both men experimented with painting landscapes and found entirely new audiences unfamiliar with their cover art. Their new work soon became a must-have for collectors around the world, from their native Italy to United States.

Pino passed away in 2010 but his legacy and echoes of his work can easily be found in the paintings of his nephew Vidan, who continues to demonstrate the classical style and mastery of color and light that had made them both staples in galleries and a favorite of art fans the world over.

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