The International Popularity of Sam Park


Highly distinguished impressionist painter, S. Sam Park, is world renowned for his paintings. From an early age, this incredible artist has received awards and accolades from many different heads of state, CEOs, and artist societies and competitions. His technique and mastery have led him to become a famous name among the world's top collectors and critics.

S. Sam Park got his start in his home country in the orient. His skill attracted famed artist Byen Si-Jin, who soon became Mr. Park's mentor and private teacher. Under his tutelage, Park refined his skill and began to receive even more attention from famous patrons and heads of state. One such person was the previous President of South Korea, Yoon Bo-Sun, who awarded Mr. Park several first place prizes in the country's prestigious Mok-Wo Art Society competition.

"Shimmering Canal"
"Shimmering Canal" | Source

Mr. Park later attended and graduated from Jung Ang University in ‘73. With his degree in hand and an already well developed background in Pino art, he travelled to Paris to further his artistic studies and compare talents with fellow artists. During his stay in France, Park became fascinated with the early French Impressionists and to this day they have had a substantial influence upon his own works.

As an Impressionist, Park is most renowned for his paintings depicting cityscapes and landscapes. He is also incredibly well known for the way he prefers to combine colors, lighting, and shadowing in his works. Also, Park works hard to maintain a unique message among his viewers and patrons. S. Sam Park uses his particular techniques to reassure the viewer rather than challenge their view or inspire them to look at something in a new light. This makes his paintings very popular for anyone looking to provide a sense of calmness or harmony.

Because of this style, Park is widely commissioned and collected. However, Park is not only capable of the impressionist style, but the hyper-realist style as well. This broadness has allowed him to exhibit in galleries all over the world, but most prominently all across Europe.

As a well known artist, Mr. Park also sits on several competition juries including the jury of the Hearts and Minds Artists Association of Korea. He has also won world wide competitions such as the national sponsored Olympic Art competition which he won in 1988. The winning painting now hangs in the headquarters of the Hyundai Corporation lobby.

Today, Mr. Park lives and works in Southern California. He has been in America since 1994 and his first American exhibit took place in New York in 1996.

S. Sam Park is still a prominent figure among the international art community. His stunning works are often considered masterpieces and prime examples of what remains of French Impressionism. From his private tutoring in the orient to his recent exhibits in America, Mr. Park has left viewers with a sense of calmness that can be hard to come by in a modern society. More often than not, his vivid colors and masterful shading has left everyone wanting more.

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