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Born in Detroit, it seemed quite likely that a young Thomas Arvid would have pursued his livelihood in industry, rather than the arts. Instead, he surprised everyone by turning to an artistic career. He was first inspired to paint after a backpacking trip through Europe and fully supported by his wife, an art historian, he began to paint realistic still-life depictions of wine and the rituals associated with it.

His paintings are astonishingly life-like and technically masterful; especially impressive when one considers that Arvid is completely self-taught. He began painting wine because he was drawn to the color red. He knew he was on to something when his paintings of wine started to sell before they were finished. Arvid is a collector of both wine and art, and his love for both comes through in his work.

His compositions are noted for their use of light and color, and their still-life composition is carefully put together to depict a relaxed approach to the good life that is embodied by the casual consumption of wine. Partly because of his self-taught background, he is enthusiastic about the idea that the enjoyment of wine is possible for everyone, not just the elites. He found that many people were able to relate to his paintings; they often trigger fond memories or help to create aspirations to the good life. The level of detail is astonishing, especially considering how the overall effect of his paintings is quite soft and soothing.

Arvid’s work has been featured in over 50 well known art galleries around the world, and his paintings are in such high demand that buyers are willing to wait years before one becomes available. His prints are also in high demand. Unsurprisingly, some of his best customers are winemakers and sellers. His paintings grace the walls of many tasting rooms across the United States. The composition of his paintings is ideal for these venues in the way it depicts the lifestyle associated with the enjoyment of wine.

Today, Arvid lives in Atlanta with his wife and two young sons. He and his wife operate Thomas Arvid Fine Art, a company that distributes his paintings and limited edition prints. They have been doing this since 2000, and in 2004 released a retrospective of Arvid art work that traces its evolution from its beginnings in the 1990’s to the polished product he produces today. He has recently also begun to work on sculpture.

Thomas Arvid’s work has been critically acclaimed and featured in numerous art magazines. US Art Magazine has named him one of the top 25 artists to watch. Considering how much he has accomplished in just a little over a decade, it’s going to be exciting to see what he does in the future. Considering that more and more people are learning to enjoy wine and the food and rituals surrounding it, it seems only natural that Arvid’s audience will continue to grow and appreciate his work. Arvid himself continues to be thrilled that so many people connect to work that he enjoys producing so much.

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geri 5 years ago

Really like Thomas Advis paintings, they are so realistic and beautiful.


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