Thomas Arvid Art – A Sound Financial Investment

Thomas Arvid
Thomas Arvid

Thomas Arvid’s vivid collection of paintings encompasses traditionalism and modernism. Arvid Art uses traditional oil-on-canvas method intertwined with a modern twist to give larger-than-life compositions of wine. The paintings however, are not singular depictions of wine-related images, but rather an abstract of all the angles that collide with each other. It is the cross-over composition that somewhat gives the piece a balanced work of art.

Applying clever blend of hues, using light and reflection and with a penchant for finer details – Arvid Art is visual realism at its best. All the elements presented in the painting have been carefully created to enable the viewer to enjoy the painting. When viewers see the paintings its intended to lead them to want to be part of the lifestyle portrayed.

Lifting Everyone's Spirits by Arvid
Lifting Everyone's Spirits by Arvid
A Well Stocked Cellar by Arvid
A Well Stocked Cellar by Arvid

Thomas Arvid describes himself as a realist painter that paints red wine. His inspiration to his art pieces stems from the enjoyment of having wine with family and friends, which is famously quoted by Arvid, “Wine is about friends and family getting together”.

Arvid is an art world sensation. His photography-like depictions of wine and its accompaniment are short of remarkable. Arvid’s artwork has been showcased in elite galleries across USA, Canada and Japan. With a genuine and diverse following amongst wine growers, wine owners, and connoisseurs as well as the general public, Arvid releases new works in limited editions.

Arvid’s compositions have also been featured in news media such as USA Today and Chicago’s ABC Channel 7. His work pieces have been presented in various publications such as Wine Spectator Magazine, Wine Enthusiast, Wine Savant, Art Business News, Art World News, US Art Magazine, and countless more. As a celebrity painter, Arvid takes part in numerous high-profile food and wine events as well as devoting a lot of his time on the road meeting old customers and new enthusiasts.

Arvid’s rise in popularity also means that his artwork is now in high demand; owning a piece of Arvid Art is a rarity these days and it comes with an expensive price tag. With new limited editions selling out at rapid speeds, it would seem that everyone wants a piece of Arvid’s masterpiece. The waiting period for new material is reported to be around four years.

Many would advocate that in addition to his over-sized realistic portraits of wine, Thomas Arvid is also widely recognized as an “ambassador” of fine living. Arvid sums it up with this fitting quote, “By bringing art and wine together in realistic but unpretentious scenes, I want to break down traditional barriers surrounding both. My pieces are about getting a bottle open and sharing a glass with friends. People can connect to my paintings”.

To be in possession of art by a famous and widely collected artist is always a good investment. Owning limited edition pieces by artists such as Thomas Arvid will likely increase the value of the artwork which translates to a sound financial investment. And as with any reliable investment with a household name, it will only increase demand and demand ultimately drives pricing.

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Eric Prado profile image

Eric Prado 3 years ago from Webster, Texas

Interesting art! I like it. Good article, voted up.

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Better Yourself 3 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks Eric for stopping by, so glad you enjoyed the Arvid artwork!

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