Thomas Arvid – Meet the Artist

Thomas Arvid has a thing for wine. Arvid Art is as rich and full bodied as the bottles that inspire his work and his pieces are highly sought after by fans, some who didn't know they enjoyed fine art until they opened their first bottle of fine wine. Arvid's work compliments both the bottle he chooses as a subject as well as the fans he has attracted over the years. In fact, some say he's brought a whole new perspective to the world of fine art.

Thomas Arvid was born in Detroit but didn't go the usual route for many people born in the rust belt. Instead of pursuing an industrial job, Arvid instead chose to follow his passion and make a living as an artist. His wife, an art historian, has supported him and the two have made it their personal mission not only to share Arvid's work with the world but to continue to find inspiration in everything from their previous backpacking trips through Europe to daily sources of new ideas and, of course, their love of wine.

Letting Art Breathe

It's impossible not to use wine terminology to describe Arvid's work. He has a unique vision that not only captures a moment when a bottle is opened and shared but also the feeling of warmth and community that comes with sharing anything as wonderful as wine and art. Arvid's vision has had such an impact that in 2003 Art Business News credited him as having launched a 'major art trend' and, since then, Arvid has proven them right.

Although still life may be nothing new, Arvid's approach focuses on a singular moment – the opening, pouring and sharing of a simple bottle of wine. The splash of the wine against the side of a glass, the close up of the bottle in the sunlight and the rich color and depth of the art and the subject all come together to give viewers not only a chance to sit back and soak in the art, but also to truly allow life to imitate art. If you're looking at a piece of Arvid Art, you'll want to be holding a glass.

Thomas Arvid - Cork Envy

Today, Arvid and his wife, Vanessa, work to distribute Arvid's fine art all over the world. They have created a small boutique art publishing company named after Thomas in order to further Arvid's reach both domestically and throughout the rest of the world. Arvid is also experimenting with new forms of art as a part of his desire to stretch himself artistically and he recently completed his first sculpture. The medium may have been new for this artist, but the inspiration was an old friend. The piece was entitled 'Cork Envy'.

As Thomas Arvid develops and refines his work with painting as well as new forms of art he will no doubt, continue to make waves in the art world. His love of wine and of community and togetherness brings a rich warmth to his art that goes beyond the color palette and touches the hearts of his fans.

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