Thomas Kinkade Daytona 500 Painting

Daytona 500 Painting Available May 21st

After 10,000 Nascar fans voted online for their favorite Thomas Kinkade sketch of the Daytona 500, Kinkade's painting "Nascar Thunder" debuts May 21st for racing fans to admire and own.

There is no other race on the Nascar circuit like the Daytona 500. Racing and Kinkade fans will want to add this painting to their collections.

Race Fans -- It's Here!

NASCAR® Thunder is Kinkade's highly anticipated Commemorative portrait of the 50th Running of the Daytona 500® .

There has been considerable buzz leading up to this Thomas Kinkade painting hitting the art market.

"The Daytona 500 is known as The Great American Race' and I am honored to be a part of the 50th Anniversary," Kinkade said.

Thomas Kinkade's collection of sketches and paintings created in various locations during Speedweek will be placed online at


photo courtesy of Thomas Kinkade Galleries
photo courtesy of Thomas Kinkade Galleries

Karen de la Carriere



NASCAR® THUNDER is now available in Artist, Publisher, and Gallery Proofs from Kinkade seller Karen de la Carriere -- eBay user "karendelac".

Having three Kinkade works in my personal collection through Karen, I can tell you first hand that she caters to the needs of Kinkade enthusiasts like no other seller online.

De la Carriere describes her enthusiasm for Kinkade's works: "Collecting Kinkade is addictive and as my own passion for the artist grew, I started to buy entire collections, even when they contained works I already owned."

"People know they can find many of the best and rarest Kinkades through me," she says. "In fact, 30% of my business is with Kinkade galleries. When customers approach galleries looking for well-known Kinkades from the past, the gallery owners know there's one place to find them."

"The Daytona 500 is a celebration of American sports and culture and the crown jewel of the NASCAR schedule," said Thomas Kinkade. "My goal is to create a piece capturing the great event that will live in the homes and the hearts of NASCAR fans around the world."


Give Karen de la Carriere a call to place your order for this incredible Kinkade painting. Limited quantities available.

~~~ CALL TOLL FREE 24-7 ~~~


(Call ANY TIME Monday through Sunday - Best time 10 AM to 10 PM Pacific Coast time)

For more information:


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