Threaded Rod

In order to hold together two pieces of metal, a plumber or mechanic generally relies on a bolt and a threaded rod. Such a rod can be designed from just about any type of metal. Yet the person who depends on a rod to keep two pieces of metal together should not pick up just any old rod. This article highlights the important characteristics of the various types of threaded rods.

As a rule, plumbers tend to use rods made out of low carbon steel. Sometimes, however, a plumber has learned from experience that a certain job requires use of a brass rod. Fortunately, a modern day plumber can find a source of brass rods by conducting an online search for such items.

At times a mechanic or other industrial worker needs to carry out a task that demands precision. Such a task would probably entail some metric bolting. In that case, the person who has been made responsible for handling the bolts would also need to use metric rods.

A number of industries use metal equipment. In the chemical, food and biotechnology industries, every effort must be taken to avoid the corrosion of that equipment. Employees working in those industries usually rely on stainless steel rods.

There are times, however, when a plant maintenance worker realizes that a stainless steel rod lacks all the desired features. On occassion a construction worker looks with disfavor on a steel rod. Sometimes a mechanic hesitates to use a steel rod. In those intances, any of those skilled workers would welcome the availability of threaded brass rods.

Still, not every industrial worker sees brass rods as "the answer" to any concerns that relate to the possible corrosion of metal equipment. A number of such workers use hot dip galvanized rods. Such rods appear most often in the tool boxes of employees who must work in an environment where the humidity is especially high.

Of all the threaded rods on the market, the zinc rods are by far the most popular. Their popularity has nothing to do with their insurance of precision. Their popularity has but a slight relation to expectations that those rods might out last some other rods. Zinc rods derive their popularity from two other features--their clean and attractive look.

The popularity of zinc rods underscores the fact that not every user of threaded rods works in an industrial plant, beneath the hood of a car or under a sink. A number of homeowners, those who have a passion for DIY projects, have purchased and used zinc rods. They put such rods in outdoor decorations, things that are sure to be seen by friends and neighbors.

A final type of threaded rod should not go unmentioned. That is the aluminum rod. It is used whenever someone wants to limit the amount of weight that is bearing down on a certain metal joint. Who uses such rods? Well chances are that a maker of bench or floor scales must remain well supplied with aluminum rods.


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