Tibetan Prayer Flags: Find Out When, Where and How to Hang These Flags

For many Tibetans Buddhists, hanging prayer flags are their way of inviting and spreading good luck to the people in the community. Prayer flags are simple devices integrated to the natural energy of the wind that gently harmonise the surroundings. The powerful spiritual energy from these flags increases the good fortune and happiness within their reach. Knowing when, where, how to use these Tibetans flags will further enhance the benefits they bring.

Proper usage

To make sure that good intentions will be rewarded, you should follow certain rules on how to properly use the prayer flags.

  • Flags should be hung on high places such as the ceiling. Some Tibetans would even hang them on the roof of their house so the wind hits them consistently.
  • Tibetan flags should be arranged correctly. It should start with blue flags from left to right.
  • Presence of family and friends are important when hanging prayer flags. This is supposed to be a meaningful event since these flags will bring harmony and prosperity to relatives and friends.
  • Old flags should not be thrown in the garbage. Once the flags have worn-out and you want to use new ones, you can take the old flags down and burn them. This way, the ashes of the flags will spread to the earth which will allow the wind to carry the good will further away.
  • Maintaining your good intentions in hanging these flags is essential. You should always aim to share the blessings that you are praying to receive.

Good location

As mentioned earlier, Tibetan Buddhists would usually hang their flags on higher ground so the wind can constantly touch them. Nevertheless, in the absence of higher ground, you can hang them on any part of the house that is accessible for the wind.

1. Flags can be hung in business premises, churches and other public places.

2. Mountain and hills are the best places to hang prayer flags.

3. Around flag poles or in the gardens, where wind is stronger, are also good places to hang the flags.

Right timing

There isn’t really a specific time to use prayer flags. Though they are used by most Tibetan Buddhists during special events such as New Year, weddings, birthday and other occasions, a lot of common people use them in times of joy and even deep sufferings when prayers seems to be the last resort.

Some people also hang Tibetan flags during troubled and difficult times, for example, funerals, when someone is very ill and in times of war.

Prayer flags are not only pieces of cloths that have many drawings and intangible writings. In fact, those drawings represent different virtues needed to maintain a good life.The intangible writings are mantras and prayers. If you want to learn more about this interesting Tibetan tradition, you can find a book from an online Tibetan bookstore.

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i am using ''flags'' in a wedding u helped me alot!

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