Tie dye patterns

How to make Tie Dye Patterns: A guide to produce a beautiful style

If you want to be able to make your own own cute styles for your shirts, skirts, cushion covers, bed sheets and curtains then Tie Dye is ideal for you.

It doesn't matter whether your young or old, tie dye is something you'll enjoy.

You could make tie dye patterns which are beyond your usual imagination.

Let the tie dye instructions below serve as your guide.

A cool sunflower tie dye design t shirt
A cool sunflower tie dye design t shirt

 The key to beginning is learning about all of the paraphernalia that you simply shall need.
These shall mean getting a fabric dye, squeeze bottles, white tops/blouse, rubber bands and gloves, bucket and plastic bags.

After knowing what your materials are, you have to know how you can use these materials.

Firstly, hold the white top and soak it within the container of half cup brine solution.
Squeeze fabric to obtain rid of excess water and hang shirt to dry.
This creased cloth is wear the patterns shall be created.

A number of tie dye patterns are available in market today.
To get that variety, learn to create more patterns.

The first is the Spiral tie dye pattern.

Invert the crumpled clothing.
Produce a roll by starting from a focal stage that you select within the fabric.
Next, turn the fabric to accomplish this roll.

With your thumb and forefinger, consider the material and pull the free ends together with your other hand toward the same path as the roll.
Tie the roll together with 3 rubber bands.
Lastly, tie the rubber bands in a pinwheel like routine.

Six diagonal sections will be made and after sometime you may color each section with any color of your preference.

Secondly, may be the series of circles tie dye patterns.
Consider the crumpled fabric wrong side up.
From the chosen middle stage, consider that portion from the fabric and complement with rubber bands then proceed with shading.

An additional style of design is the Marble tie dye pattern.
Crease your white top into a bunch
Afterwards, tie the rubber bands around the shirt in the pinwheel like pattern and plunge the crumpled t-shirt in your dye bath.

Now that you simply are aware of the tie dye patterns, you should understand how you can dye the fabrics.


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pipes 6 years ago

your directions are hard to understand dude.

abd hijfla 6 years ago


dude 6 years ago

really hard to read add some pics

yeahh  6 years ago

pls. put pictures so we can understand clearly

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barrrr 4 years ago

do you have any step by step pic on folding sunflower

rebecca Duff 2 years ago

I wish you would put up step by step instructions on the sunflower....directions are a bit hard to follow..thanks

Sara 2 years ago

How about for the Sunflower?

Jenn 23 months ago

how about a tube video???

Jennifer 10 months ago

No way to follow these directions need pictures to show how you make the sunflower

Denise 7 months ago

Lost with these directions

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