Tips for animating sprites in Macromedia Flash 8

Anime character sprite sheet


This tutorial shows you how the tips on using sprites to animate in Macromedia Flash 8.

Summary of steps

1) Download sprite sheet
2) Import sprite sheet to Flash
3) Vectorize sprite sheet
4) Cut background of sprite sheet
5) Cut and distribute sprites to frames
6) Position sprites correctly

1- Download sprite sheet

You can download free sprites at sites such as Choose, download a sprite sheet, extract it, then proceed to the next step.

2- Import sprite sheet to Flash

First, open Flash 8,then, drag the image file from it's folder directory, and directly onto the stage of Flash 8.

An alternative way is to select File>Import>Import to Stage. Choose the sprite sheet in the dialog box before you click 'open'. The sprite sheet is loaded on the stage.

3- Vectorize the sprite sheet

This step vectorize the sprite sheet so that you can remove the background easily.

To do so, select the sprite sheet, in the top selection pane, select modify>bitmap>trace bitmap. Click OK in the Trace Bitmap dialog box.

4- Remove sprite background

Now you can easily remove the background of the sprite sheet by clicking on the background and pressing ctrl+x or the delete key. Remove any excess background pixels within the sprites.

5- Cut and distribute sprites to frames

Now, except for the first sprite, select the rest of the sprites using the lasso tool, then press ctrl+x to cut the sprites.

Press F7 to insert an empty keyframe into the timeline, then paste the sprites on the stage by pressing ctrl+v.

Repeat the process until each movement is pasted in their respective frames.

6- Positon sprites correctly

To position the sprites properly, you have to use the Onion Skin feature (refer to image above).

First, click on the Onion Skin icon. Then, select the 2nd frame, and drag the sprite so that it is moved to the same position with the first sprite. Do so for the next frames.


That's all! If you want to read more about animating sprites in Flash 8, you can visit my Flash 8 tutorial, or, you can read this "how to animate sprite in Flash 8" article.

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kittyjj profile image

kittyjj 4 years ago from San Jose, California

I love animation. Are you going to do more hubs on animations?

Mikeyi profile image

Mikeyi 4 years ago Author

If I have the time, yes. Lol, thanks for commenting Kittyj.

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