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If you are using a digital SLR camera, you might be familiar with the use of camera lenses. There are many different types of camera lenses. Depending on the situation, there are times when one camera lens is more ideal to use instead of another camera lens. This article is aimed to cover the main types of camera lenses, as well as which camera lens to use for different situations.

Telephoto Camera Lens

A telephoto camera lens has long focal length that magnifies the subject. Using this lens gives the photographer the ability to limit depth of field, and combined with different aperture settings could produce different results. You might want to use a tripod with this lens as it magnifies movement as much as it magnifies the subject.

When To Use: This is best used when you want to take picture of a subject in a distance - either you cannot get close to it, or you prefer not to. Best used for sports events as well as wildlife photography.

Wide-Angle Camera Lens

This camera lens have shorter focal length but takes in a wider view. The wide-angle lens is achievable if you use camera lenses with a focal length less than the digital image sensor.

When To Use: It is best use when you want to capture subjects in an extreme foreground, while having the background in focus as well. Especially ideal for architecture, buildings, interiors, street, landscape and group photography.

Zoom Camera Lens

Zoom camera lenses are able to mechanically change its focal length. Zoom camera lenses are very useful as some are able to change their focal lengths from standard to zoom, and from wide-angle to standard.

When To Use: Ideally for those who cannot afford or do not feel like carrying many different type of lenses and does not mind sacrificing the f-stops, aperture and speed of the lens.

Prime Lens

Prime lens are also known as fixed lens due to i being unable to change its focal length. They have wider maximum apertures, great speed as well as great control over depth of field.

When To Use: Best used when taking portraits.

Macro Lens

Macro camera lenses allow macro modes, which is great for extreme close ups.

When To Use: Taking extreme close-up photos of small objects such as flowers and insects as well as used for photography which requires focus on a subject which is extremely close.

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tehjib 3 years ago from Bangladesh

I expected writing about some little more varieties.

Good one though! Thanks!

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