Umberto Boccioni Bronze Futurism Sculptures (Scultura Futurista)- Continuity in Space, Dynamic Force of a Cyclist

Umberto Boccioni- Elastic


Futurism was a response to the expectations that society had for technological advancement. The Futurist artists, like other people in the community around them, had just seen aeroplanes take off. Huge ships such as the Titanic were being successfully designed, constructed and for the most part, completed their journey.

Umberto Boccioni- The Noise of the Street


Everything at the time seemed to be moving forward and for young, talented individuals, there was no looking back. As a result, their paintings were energetic and full of hope. Each piece of artwork seemed to bubble with promise.

Umberto Boccioni- Laughter


Paintings and sculpture captured the feeling of an impending explosion, one that would bring forth something better than what was already there. Some of the well known artists who were a part of the Futurism movement included:

  • Umberto Boccioni
  • Giacono Balla
  • Gino Severini
  • Carlo Carra

Gino Severini- Train


Carlo Carra Reproduction Oil Painting

Futurist paintings and sculpture are fluid. In the paintings, you sometimes can’t tell where one object ends and the other begins. The world at the time was in transition and this was reflected in the artwork.

Umberto Boccioni is as famous as these artists in their chosen media:

Umberto Boccioni- Unique Forms of Continuity in Space


A sculpture done by Umberto Boccioni, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, also has an emphasis on movement. The sculpture seems to be caught in the process of transforming from one state to another. It is made in the form of human body but in a way, it possesses the characteristics of a robot.

Boccioni’s sculpture would not be out of place in a 21st century music video that has a transhumanist theme. Think of the band “Black Eyed Peas” and their 2009 release “I’m a B”.

Dynamic Force of a Cyclist

Dynamic Force of a Cyclist
Dynamic Force of a Cyclist | Source

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