Usage of the word Masty

The usage of the word Masty

Our face book friend Usha Yadav puts a streak of cream on her upper lips, simulating of a moustache and the caption said, ‘It’s all about Masti’. Sukhvindar Singh said, Great Muchchai.

It is all very well. This was innocent fun to put a streak of white cream on the lip. But in the process one word has not been used very well or in right place and it is ‘Masti’. The use of this word for such tiny fun is not right. Besides the word Masti has a sense of slightly agitated condition. And the usage of the word as freely used in India tends to say , I began thinking, people are not industrious to search out the right words for expressing right feelings and thoughts. Please do not blame the languages these are ready to help, only right words have to be picked.

I agree though the Hindi and the Urdu languages are sometimes handicapped with the smallness of the vocabulary and not so well equipped to express feelings and thoughts adequately, and in these cases help must be sought from other languages and our nearest friendly language is the English language, of course besides Persian and say even French, Bengali and Gujrati etc are family languages and they ought to be consulted first.

The word Masti used in this situation I would suggest, since this has a slight intent of vulgarity in it, it will not truly express the simple joy out of the tiny fun our Usha Yadav wants to derive from putting the streak of the cream on her lips. And the character of the word, what it is, cannot be changed overnight; it takes sometimes centuries to change the meaning of a word. And the simple indulgence of the young lady and the joy she is deriving out of it has to be expressed concretely. I have therefore to say, there are a few words like, Khilkhilahat, Dhama Chaukradi, Shore-o-Zori, Fun or any other word, other than Masti that should be used.

I am putting this article on the Hub Pages and I am thankful to Usha Yadav for providing us opportunity to point out a subtle point which concerns our language and attitude.

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N.E. Wright profile image

N.E. Wright 6 years ago from Bronx, NY

Hello SayedAthar Husain,

Sorry, I still do not know what Masti means.

You said in the context that Usha Yadar used the word Masti it is slightly vulgar.

I still do not understand. Forgive me, but I am curious.

Is there some sexual conation to this word or is Usha Yadar using it in a thinly vailed sexual way?

Sorry I am guessing too much, but I am just not sure what the word means still, and I love to learn new words, and new things in this world.

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 6 years ago from London Author

Dear N.E.,

The stallion when he is ready to mate with the mare,he is in a state of Masti. Masti is entering into an extreme expanse of readiness to explore whatever pleasure is going to be drawn.

It can be a state of drunkeness and the drunk has entered in Masti and then he can do something in excess of that desired. Or it may be a sexual pre-exploration and exciting oneself to that readiness.It can also be a use as Usha Yadav has done but that is a misuse of the word but in India they are trying to justify its use in those situations in party fun. But it is definitely exuberance.

The word I believe is of Hindi origin, but it has been monopolised by the Urdu language and this language would not like it to be used loosely at all.

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 6 years ago from London Author

Dear N.E.,

I did not see while replying with the above that your comment was lying unanswered for three days. I am sorry for that. Now furher to the origin and the forms of the word, it has different derivations:

The root word is Must(soft T) - that is to be in the state overtaken by sensual feeling.

Then Mastana; That is one who is Must.

Then Masti: that is abstract noun, it is the state to be in.

With that I think we have covered all its forms.

Sincere best wishes,

Sayed Athar Husain

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 6 years ago from London Author

Dear N.E.,

I am still not satisfied with my explanation of the word Masti. The way I have mentioned Must(soft t)or Mastana would mean it has a connotation of sex only. That is not the case. Mastana would mean a person free of links and ties and in a good sense he is enjoying his existence.

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