Uses of the Best Sports and Marketing Infographics Examples

Sports infographics address many different topics that are of interest to sports fans all over the world.

Whether you play golf and are interested in learning more about the history of golfing, or you are a fan of athletics and want statistics on top athletes from all across the world, you can find the right charts to match your needs.

12 Hidden Laws of Performance


Use These Charts to Encourage Young People

People who enjoy fitness and physical activity can use these charts to share their love of their favourite sports with other people. It is relatively easy to find a graphic that illustrates how to perform a technique in bowling or prepare for a gymnastics routine, if that is what you desire. People who teach in these areas can easily find a permanent diagram that helps to spark enthusiasm in their students and creates a love for their preferred competitive event.

It is relatively easy for young children and teens to want to do as well as another athlete who they see immortalized in an infographic. Young girls and boys may want to be just like a famous basketballer, sports nutritionist, diabetic baker or dancer. Little ones who are struggling to learn the basics of the freestyle of backstroke can be encouraged by dramatic pictures of athletes who have mastered these techniques and have gained success and fame because of it.

The Best American Infographics 2013

The Best American Infographics 2013- Customer Reviews

"The author did a great job of choosing such a diverse group of infographics to show."

"From data rich displays of technical information to whimsical social commentaries this book covers the spectrum of how ideas and information can be communicated visually."

Brush Up on Statistics Related to Your Favourite Sport

People who enjoy football and other competitive sports on a hot day are often interested in learning the latest news on their favourite athletes. However, within this group there is a small segment that also seeks to learn about events that occurred decades before. These individuals want to commit statistics to memory and while this task is admirable, it is not easy to do.

It is usually easier to remember statistics on top players or teams when the information is presented in a sports infographic. In this format, you can easily match the top score achieved by a specific player or club with their picture. This makes it easier to recall the facts the next time you are speaking about it with friends or hear the issue debated anywhere.

Content Marketing 2013 Infographics


Get the Facts on Sports and Business

While some people are interested in how well an athlete performed on the track, others want to know about their salary. It does not matter whether you want to learn about a player's hobbies or their earning potential, you can find an infographic that helps you to display the facts easily while making a presentation.

You can choose a graphic that easily illustrates how an athlete has grown over the years. This often helps to encourage other young stars to give their all as they work hard to improve their performance year after year. It is not easy to compete, especially when you want to reach a national or even a global level. However, the stories that are told through sports infographics will help to ensure that people of all ages are encouraged to give their best in their favourite sporting activity.

Information Graphics

Information Graphics- Customer Reviews

"serves as an excellent source of inspiration or just eye-candy."

"Co-workers come in, paw through it, and get an idea of what we can really do with their data given appropriate parameters. It's a fantastic marketing tool for my team."

Infographic Marketing - How Effective it is?

Marketing Infographics Examples

Marketing infographics help professionals who work with advertising and social media. They may also be utilized by individuals who do not specialize in this sector but need an interesting visual aid that will capture attention. Text has its purpose when it comes to building interest in a brand but images also have a powerful role to play. As it is often said in some way, a single picture can communicate much more than a thousand words.

Charts Focusing on the Elements of Marketing

There are essential elements that are taught to marketers all over the world, regardless of whether they focus their efforts online or offline. Marketing infographics in this area are useful to teachers, students who are working on projects and managers who want to encourage their team members to improve in some area of their operations. These charts target e-commerce copyrighting and even the differences between different color schemes when it comes to attracting impulse shoppers or people who are on a budget.

Top Infographics and Analytics for Soccer

Find Charts Related to Social Media and Get Graphics on Email Newsletter Marketing

Social media marketing infographics help marketers to reach a wide audience online. Whether you need technical information on the gadgets that are being used or want tips on how to get more out of your campaigns, you can find the right graphic for your needs. There are charts related to tracking your return on investment (ROI) on social media campaigns, getting more likes on networks such as FaceBook and Twitter and the top browsers used by people who participate in online networks.

Emails are a useful tool for marketers and many individuals who work in this sector develop newsletters that are sent out to people in their mailing list. By sending out emails often, you can engage your audience and introduce them to services that may be helpful to them. Marketing infographics that are related to email marketing may contain information that shows you how to raise awareness or interest among your readers. You can also find charts related to making it easier for mobile phone users to read your content, constructing emails that convert better or writing titles that make recipients want to open your emails.

Charts Which Explore the Use of Artistic Elements in Campaigns

Some marketing infographics are used to help a team develop their strategy. In this case you will find that adding infographics to a PowerPoint presentation or using them in a web conference can help you to improve the type of response that you get from your listeners. Look for charts related to elements such as the use of font styles or different layouts in print ads or the wording of tweets.

Colors are known to have a tremendous impact on the way that a brand or product is perceived and there are many charts which focus on this particular topic. If you want to talk about colors in magazines, television or online you can find the right marketing infographic to match your theme.

Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design

Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design

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