Using Vintage Images For Scrapbook Projects

If you would like to add in a little touch of nostalgia to your scrapbook projects, you should try to incorporate vintage images into your scrapbooking. Vintage images have the ability to give an instant artistic facelift to your scrapbook projects. It could be old photographs, early illustrations, antique media such as newspaper cuttings or advertisements, or perhaps other ephemera.

Vintage images also adds more than just artistic value. It is proof that there are important things in our lives that never change even though the test of time. It helps to capture nostalgic essence of the past, helping to convey those emotions. While you could go through the efforts of finding actual pieces of nostalgic images, it is much easier for you to find them online nowadays.

Some examples of vintage images are the likes of book illustrations, newspaper and magazine cuttings, sheet music, postcards, greeting cards, paper decorations, games and toys, clothing patterns, product boxes and labels, advertisements, personal documents, as well as personal photos. You could find these vintage images from places such as estate sales, yard sales, antique stores, book stores, flea markets, and now easily on the internet.

Once you get your hands on some vintage images, it is time to put them into play within you scrapbook projects. You could use a huge vintage image as the centerpiece of your scrapbook page, making it the background where you could lay other photos on it. The best types or those which are pale bright in color, as well as suits the theme of the page. If the page is about your child's birthday, you might want to use vintage images that fits the situation.

Use vintage paper decorations as embellishments for your scrapbook. If you are unable to get your hands on those, what you could do is to look through your collection of vintage images and look for ones with pattern you could use. Simply cut and paste the desired patterns onto your scrapbook for that nostalgic feel. You could do the same to create borders and frames around your scrapbook pages. You could look at old postcards and greeting cards for vintage frame ideas.

Be sure that you set up your scrapbook so your personal photos "interact" with the vintage images that you choose to use. You do not want your scrapbook to look messy and dull. While vintage images could help a lot to enhance the looks of your scrapbook, you still need to be creative with planning the layouts and positioning.

List of online places to find vintage images

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Vector design 3 years ago from California

You discus some good ideas to using the vintage images in scrapbooks. i really like this idea and vote up for useful hub.

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