Vidan Art as a Collectible Item

The work of the famed artist Vidan is familiar to fans of the romance novel genre. His portraits of women who appear as in a dreamscape are some of the most iconic images in the industry, a fact that has earned him the reputation of the top illustrator in the genre.

But Vidan’s art is not merely related to the covers of books appealing to a small segment of the population. His distinctive style as well as his decision to extend his realm into landscapes has now made him a much-sought-after artist for the serious collector.

Vidan Art - Featured in Many Galleries Worldwide

In galleries around the world, the work of artist Vidan has been featured, from his stunning portrait work to his sprawling landscapes that capture the subtle changes in lighting and various shades of nature. That two divergent segments – romance novel fans and serious art collectors – would find common ground in Vidan art is a testament to his versatility and skill as an artist.

Vidan’s talent became apparent at an early age and caught the attention of teachers in his hometown of Perugia, Italy who made the suggestion to his parents that they consider sending him to a specialized art school. Despite their initial reluctance, they relented and decided to encourage his budding talent, permitting him to enroll at some of top art schools in the country, including the highly regarded Liceo Artistico di Milano and Brera’s Accademia delle Belle Arti.

Influenced by His Uncle Pino

Vidan’s other great influence came much closer in the form of his uncle, artist Pino Daeni well-respected in his own right. When Pino (as he is more famously known) moved to America, Vidan would follow in his footsteps in a few years, eventually even working in the same studio, one alongside the other.

While Vidan had by that time established himself as a renowned romance novel cover artist, he began to find himself drawn to the landscape paintings being created by his uncle. Eager to try his hand at this new form, Vidan began experimenting with pastoral scene. Outdoor images had always been a part of his illustration work, but only as a background, not as the main subject of his work. But bringing the outdoors to the forefront of his work also brought him to the forefront of art collectors around the world, many of whom were unfamiliar with his earlier illustrative work.

Distinctive Elements in Vidan's Artwork

Both Vidan’s illustrations and landscapes contain the same distinctive element – shading and light as an important feature, a strong sense of color gradients, an emphasis on depth and strong brushstrokes that nonetheless create gentle curves and lines. These bold, striking elements as well as Vidan’s unique ability to create a deep connection between the painting and the viewer is what has made his work a sought-after collectible for both new art collectors and established aficionados alike.

Vidan remains a force in both fields as he continues to create works for the top romance novel publishers in the U.S. as well as sprawling landscapes that quickly find a place in the homes of collectors around the world.

The Beauty of Vidan's Paintings

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