View 5 Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga Originals

Rare Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga

Oil on Hard Board painted in 1972
Oil on Hard Board painted in 1972

Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga Original Art

View5 of Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga's original paintings, painted in 1972, nearly 40 years ago.

This is a very rare collection. Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga's paintings are very hard to come by, a very good investment opportunity.

Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga was a self taught painter with only 4 years of primary school education.

Mr Tingatinga was born in 1932 in a village in southern Tanzania on the border of Mozambique. He was just starting to receive recognition for his square board-paintings, when his life was cut short in 1972, he was mistaken for a fleeing thief and fatally shot by the police.

Before he died he started to attract a group of followers. Today Tingatinga Art thrives and is primarily produced and sold from Tanzania, East Africa.

These five wonderful originals are oil on hard board, This is how Tingatinga art was traditionally painted. Today most Tingatinga artists paint on canvas or cloth, a few artists are reverting back to the traditional square board, (Hard Board).

There where 20 pieces to this collection, 15 originals have been sold in Japan.

Enjoy a little of Africa's art history.

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Gordon Kirkpatrick 5 years ago

I have a "SADAI" oil on hardboard of birds in Plummage. I,ve had it stored for over 20 years. Can anyone help me with value and potential buyer source??

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    Flamingo Painted in 1972

    Original Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga Painted in 1972
    Original Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga Painted in 1972
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