Visual Quiz - Famous Cathedrals Around the World

Visual Quiz - Identify the Cathedrals

Visual quiz is something that I had often thought of while planning a hub, but I never really got down to 'doing' it. Isn't it wonderful to appreciate the beauty of the ancient art and architecture that we so often see in some of the great monuments all over the world? This hub is meant not only to test your knowledge (just for your ears -- that is actually secondary) but more importantly to introduce the world-famous monuments so that you can include them in your travel itinerary the next time you plan a vacation.

"Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced" said John Keats. So it is with these pilgrimage destinations too.Unless and until you see them for yourself, you won't be able to appreciate their beauty. The soaring spires of the towering cathedrals inspire us to stand out above the others. They also instill a sense of discipline and character in us. I have visited the Santhome Cathedral in Chennai, India and was awe-struck by its grandeur. Here is the visual quiz for you with a link to the answers at the end of the hub. Hope you enjoy identifying the cathedrals and making a note of them for a later visit.

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Have you ever visited a cathedral?

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I am sure you were able to identify all the cathedrals on this hub. Whether you did or did not, please go to this page to find out the correct answers.

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BJBenson profile image

BJBenson 6 years ago from USA

I can't remember all the names but after living over sea for 10 years I know I saw some of them. Fun and beautiful hub.

remaniki profile image

remaniki 6 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Thanks a ton for the comment BJB. Glad you liked this hub. I enjoyed collecting the pictures and videos and putting them together and also learning a lot of facts about these great cathedrals.Thanks again. Cheers

dwaynehood 5 years ago

Beautiful images i save it all...

remaniki profile image

remaniki 5 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Thank you dwaynehood for the lovely comment.

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