Isn't it strange how you learn about things! A dear friend of mine sadly passed away recently, (RIP Sonny) and he had worked with wood all his life. His workshop was fascinating to look around, and half the stuff I didn't know what it's use was. So after seeing all of this fine stuff, I researched the subject, and here's a bit about what I learnt.

SAWS. There are handsaws such as the cross-cut saw, panel saw, tenon saw, dovetail saw, bead saw, light back saw, compass saw, keyhole saw, bow saw, coping saw, fretsaw and veneer saw. Are you still with me or did you nod off just there?

Spokeshaves, rasps, wood file, riffler, draw knife, chisels for various purposes, marking and testing tools such as the try and mitre squares, gauges, rules, marker knives, and boring tools such as the ratchet brace and all sorts of different bits.

I know this is exciting stuff, but contain yourself, there's more to follow:

PLANES The bench plane, metal plane, the smoothing, trying, rougher, jointer, block, scrub, rebate, filister, moulding plough, badger, thumb, trenching, chariot, jack and trying planes and a whole lot more.

I know this is exciting stuff, but contain yourself, there's more to follow:

How about the bradawl, and gimlet, every type of screwdriver, cramps, the mitre block and the shooting board. Sonny was a true professional in carpentry, and skills which he possessed are being forgotten by the next generation.

If you are interested in this hobby or trade and looking for treasures such as I've mentioned, I've placed some links on this page to help you find them.


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