White-Noise Water Fountains: Cancel Those Unwanted Sounds!

Unwanted, cacophonous sound is pretty much everywhere. Living amidst crowded cities often subjects residents to a constant bombardment of traffic noise, noisy neighbors and the constant clamor of media, either our own or that of someone else as it shouts for our attention. With this much ambient noise, it is unsurprising that life is so much more stressful, headaches and other health problems becoming more prominent as a result. If you find yourself wishing to eliminate some of this jarring noise from your environment but are unsure how, white noise water fountains are a visually and sonically appealing feature that can turn your mid city home into a calming, peaceful getaway.

A truly lovely wall fountain like this doesn't just look nice... it sounds nice too!
A truly lovely wall fountain like this doesn't just look nice... it sounds nice too!

White noise is a highly uniform sound spread over many frequencies. One of its properties is that it covers up other sounds nicely. If you've ever noticed how sound carries less near rolling surf or over the static of a radio tuned between stations, then you have experienced the effects of white noise.

There are many ways of producing white noise. As has already been mentioned, one involves simply tuning a radio between stations and letting the static block out other sounds. Artificial white noise generators are sold which produce static over a wider spectrum of frequencies, or play back digital recordings of rolling surf. The absolute best sources of white noise are natural, though, as they are not limited by digital processing and small speakers. In the absence of a river or beachfront of your own, however, a white noise fountain is a visually pleasing means of transforming a noisy environment into one that is tranquil and stress-reducing.

White noise fountains use the natural roll and flow of water to generate soothing white noise. As it is naturally produced, the resulting sound has a more realistic quality than could be obtained from all but the most expensive electronics. They are visually pleasing, serving as unique pieces in any room's decor. Indoor fountains are also easy to clean, and feature numerous sizes and unique designs that are sure to mesh well with any motif.

There are many benefits of white noise fountains. As previously mentioned, they nicely mask unwanted sound, replacing it with the soothing flow of water. So much of our stress is passively acquired by our proximity to cars and other unnatural noises, and creating a more soothing backdrop for life can melt the stress away. Stress and its associated hormones are at the root of many health issues, so lessening stress can boost immune system function and contribute to better health in many ways both large and small.

White noise fountains can also help in situations where there is too little noise. For some, too much silence is often a source of stress, and the soothing background sound of flowing water may be just what is needed to make the sonic tapestry more pleasing.

White noise fountains are an aesthetically pleasing means of changing a home from a hub of noise and commotion to a tranquil center of calming energy. They are also quite unique, and are guaranteed to serve as a memorable conversation piece in any home.

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Vijay Shukla 5 years ago

Excellent overview, it pointed me out something I didn’t realize before. I should encourage for your wonderful work. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

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