What Is Knit Graffiti?

Knitting graffiti (and crocheted graffiti!) is an ever more popular pastime among certain knitters.  Knit graffiti seems to appeal most to the urban knitter, surrounded by a landscape which is artificial, hard, cold, and forbidding.  Why not liven it up with a bit of knitting?

The History of Knitting Graffiti

Knit graffiti is something that seems to have occurred to a lot of people independently.  The knitting art collective known as “Knitta Please” (note: use caution when saying their name aloud in public, as it can be construed as racist if mis-heard) began tagging Austin Texas in 2005. 

You may also have seen the Treesweater, which was featured on the cover of a local Seattle newspaper in 2005.  The image of the Treesweater was a popular email forward, and quickly became Internet Famous. 

Other popular items of knit graffiti include the bright pink tank cozy knit by Danish artist Marianne Joergensen, and Theresa Honeywell’s knit motorcycle.

How To Make Knit Graffiti

The basics of hand-knit graffiti (also known as “yarn bombing”) are simple: knit something, and attach it somewhere in public.  You can start with knitting a simple rectangle, and sewing it onto a door handle, a street sign’s pole, or a bike rack.  For more ideas, check out the book Yarn Bombing which has a ton of great information, as well as patterns, and more inspiration than you can shake a stick at!

You may feel more comfortable attaching your knitting with a buddy.  However, many people have found that in most urban areas, you can pretty much walk up to something, sew some knitting on it, and walk away without being noticed. 

Post-Op Care

Please go back and remove your knit graffiti after a while.  How long you leave it up depends on your climate, and the location of the knitting.  Most items of knit graffiti start looking sad and bedraggled after a year or so. 

Exercise particular care when attaching knitting to a living tree!  It is probably best to replace the knitting every six months to a year, in the tree’s best interests.

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Joy At Home profile image

Joy At Home 6 years ago from United States

This is awesome! I've never heard of this. That tank cozy was too funny.

Vera McCabe profile image

Vera McCabe 5 years ago from West Sussex, UK

I love this! This is so funny. I hadn't heard of this, either. I like the tree sweater.

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