Where to Buy/Get Cheap/inexpensive Scrapbook Supplies and Materials


Scrapbooking For Everyone

Looking to make your memories last, whether it be a vacation or your baby's first steps scrap booking is perfect for looking back on fun times. Even so it can be pricey with the costs of fancy stickers and borders, not the mention the cost of the printing of the picture and album.


While some prefer to use thick paper or cloth as the materials for their own makeshift scrapbook, you can still get a decent album for a price that won't cost you much. When shopping for a scrapbook album you don't want to settle for a cheap looking cardboard album that's going to fall apart before you're done you're album. For albums try to catch a good album on sale ! Store like Walmart, Zellers, etc. Usually have good prices and sales all year round. Pricey stores like Hallmark though have some super sales when they are clearing out their old stock for new arrivals. They don't usually advertise these sales much so keep a look out for them!


The decorations and stickers that frame your pictures and souvenirs can be ridiculously expensive. Try places like Dollarama or other dollar store shops for stickers and decorations, you'll be surprised at how many they have and how nice the are. Another option is to invest in a pattern scissors kit if you love scrapbooking and do it regularly.You'll save a great deal of money in the long run, and you just have to buy card stock from the dollar store!

Good Luck!

Have fun scrapbooking!

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janikon profile image

janikon 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

I've always been really interesting in the art of scrapbooking, there is definitely a certain talent one needs to make these books really shine. This was a really informative hub and something which I will reference if I ever decide to try again - voted up and interesting!

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