Film vs digital photography

Kodachrome is not longer produced by Kodak

Kodachrome 25 favored by professional photographers  for low grain, rich details and color
Kodachrome 25 favored by professional photographers for low grain, rich details and color | Source

The End Od The Kodachrome Era

End of an era: Last roll of Kodachrome film developed as digital revolution brings 75 years of camera history to a close

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You still can get roll films at B&H

B&H Photo is a place in NYC that still supplies the most popular or professional roll films and cameras too for photographer who still love the old meda.

Old Time Photographer

I started my photography career with a second hand 35 mm Asahi Pentax I purchased at Willoughby`s way back in the 60`s when I was in the my 20`s.

It was the beginning of a love affair with photography that is still going strong up to this day.

In order to improve my skills I registered at the New York Institute of Photography where I learned by practice , how to not only how to shoot,develop negatives but how make a final professional looking photograph..

The key of success as a professional photographer was and still is learning the basics of this art and putting them into practice.

The highly qualified staff of highly qualified experts taught us all about the use of lights in shooting pretty models with huge cameras and 8 x 10 sheet films did not require enlargement.

We spent a lot of time in the labs developing the films and printing the pictures. This was tedious and magical and the same time because there was nothing more satisfying to see a beautiful image appearing in your developer tray.

Working in a darkrooms was indeed like being in another world where with enlargers,easels,chemicals became the tools to create a new reality or achieve our elusive dreams of creating a masterpiece.

Photography opens our eyes and minds to understanding the turbulent and amazing events of world today.

The camera becomes a third eyes that help us see details that most humans are too busy to enjoy.Through our lenses we can take a look into the souls of our subjects or catch the beauty of nature to preserve some precious and unrepeatable moments.

Photography is constantly presenting the cruelty of wars and the misery of humanity with an honesty writing cannot match.

Great photographers can create, each one in his or her style, visual poems capable of moving the most insensitive of us.

Of course, we are now living the the digital area and and and everybody has a camera most of which are capable of taking high resolution and colorful pictures automatically just by pointing and shooting.

Nowadays, your computer or smartphone is your darkroom where you can transform your pictures into amazing images without breathing any chemicals.

However, there are some professional photographers who still believe that roll films offers a better artistic image than digital ones.

This can start a really big debate, but you will be surprised to know that if you are a die hard film photographer you can get most of your favorite films at some famous photo stores which can even develop your rolls. Those photographers have adapters for transferring their images to their computers and then,edit with PhotoShop,for instance.

Even though I would love to shoot a roll of film with my old reliable Pentax, which I still keep, there are not suppliers of film in the Dominican Republic, where I live, so intend to buy some film in my next visit to New York city and shoot some pictures just for fun and nostalgia.

By the way, I am using my Sony XPeria smartphone and a point and shoot Panasonic Lumix to get some nice shot the cheap and easy way.

Where to get film rolls developed

Walgreens is a place where you can still send your 35 mm roll films for development.

Film Photography vs Digital Photography - a shoot out of sorts.

Film Not Dead Yet

Kodachrome Photo Sanshan

Kodachrome picture
Kodachrome picture | Source

Impressive Kodachrome Shot


My photo With Sony XPeria

I use my Xperia smarphone  to get some  nice photos.
I use my Xperia smarphone to get some nice photos. | Source

Mi Picture With Smartphone

Clothes drying under the  hot Caribbean sun
Clothes drying under the hot Caribbean sun | Source

My Photo With A Panasonic Lumix 6 MP

Lumix with a Leica Lens is great for  travel photos
Lumix with a Leica Lens is great for travel photos | Source

Best Smartphone Cameras

According to this source these are some of the best smartphone cameras.

Smartphone Cameras

Shooting Film: 12 Cool 35mm Film Cameras to Buy

There are still many 35 mm cameras in the market roll film lovers. I have found this interesting website offering amazing reviews of cameras that have made history.

12 Cool 35mm Film Cameras to Buy

Photography Tutorial - FIRST Lesson! What is Aperture ? DSLR Photography Lesson for Beginners

How to Photograph Kids, Babies, Children: A Portrait Tutorial

Digital Sensor and Film Size Comparison Chart

Comparing the Image Quality of Film and Digital

1. Film Controls Emphasizes Well

One location where I see film having a clear advantage over digital is in organic light. Film is suggested to be used in all-natural light, which's where it prospers. It is far more flexible when it concerns too much exposure, and it doesn't burn out highlights as effortlessly as digital video cameras. This is specifically valuable when I'm using the brightest thing in our solar system as a hair light.

2. Film happens to blend Light and Color Better

Digital video camera sensing units, are made up of millions of little squares that provide us with a picture. Film isn't split up in such a straight method, and due to that, it naturally mixes light and also shades a lot better.

3. Film provides a Visually Pleasant Grain

Among the most awful aspects of electronic electronic cameras is likewise among the very best things about film, the grain. The grain that you obtain from film is much more kindlying and also all-natural compared to digital electronic cameras, as well as it contributes to the texture and personality of the image.

4, Shoot Medium Format without breaking the bank

Capturing film has actually provided the possibility to shoot on an electronic camera style that I would not have actually been able to fire with electronic, medium layout. Exactly what's the big bargain with medium layout, as well as why does that issue? Allow me simply say, shooting tool layout has actually transformed the way one approaches photography.

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bdegiulio 24 months ago from Massachusetts

Hi Hector. Very interesting. I still have my 30 year old Canon AE1. Haven't bought film lately but good to know it's still available.

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