Why do women like candles?

Ever wondered why your wife or girlfriend stops every time they walk past a candle? I'm going to attempt to answer this question. Here is a list of some possible explanations.

1. Women and men are attracted to certain fragrances. Often my significant other states that several different smells make her feel happy, hungry, or calm. It's a scientific fact that smell has been known to trigger certain thoughts or feelings. A couple examples are Vanilla, which has been associated with arousal and peppermint which has been associated with keeping people awake (also the reason why shampoo products have a peppermint smell). Learn more about other scents on AskMen.com

2. Candles help mask other smells. Living with pets can definitely make your house smell bad. Burning candles a few times a week can help cover up smells that you don't want your guests to smell when they come into your house. Not to mention that candles can help mask those unwanted smells in the kitchen or bathroom.

3. Candles have been often associated with romance. Women and men can use candles to set a more romantic mood. Dinner by candlelight provides a more intimate setting because it is more difficult to see other objects in the room other than your significant other if the lights are off. The focus then becomes more about the person in front of you and less about the distractions in the room. Low light makes for a more romantic setting. Maybe this is why sunrises and sunsets are so romantic.

4. Candles bring warmth to your home. Just like standing next to a fireplace or bonfire you can feel the heat from a candle. However, you have to be closer to a candle to really feel the warmth. There may be a psychological link between what our eyes see and our body feels. Looking at a candle may induce thoughts of warmth and comfort. Read this article on psychology and colors to learn more about colors and feelings.

Some popular candle makers have even gone as far as saying, "got candle cravings" to imply that there is some physical attraction or bond that women or men have with candles (Partylite Candles Website). Even Yankee Candle's tag line says, "Passion for Fragrance". These types of quotes or tag lines only help support the idea that there is some deep connection.

I hope this list helps you answer the question why women love candles. If you have any other theories or thoughts on why women love candles please leave me a comment. I would love to hear them.

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