Windsor & Newton watercolours box set

First impressions of the Winsor & Newton watercolour boxed set is one of a good quality product. There are many cheaper watercolour sets on the market and it was good to get my hands on a branded Winsor & Newton watercolor box set. For me the difference from cheaper box sets was noticeable right away. There is an old saying that if its heavy, its expensive and the Winsor & Newton watercolors box set feels heavy for its size. I don’t mean it’s to heavy to carry but that heavy quality feel you get with a well put together product.

This sturdy feel hints as to the quality materials lurking inside, which is what you would expect from a brand such as Winsor & Newton.

As an artist myself I like everything in its place and these box sets provide just that, as they give you all your require, in one place, and a unit to store them in.

The Winsor & Newton watercolour, Bamboo Set looks and feels durable, but the box sample I have in front of me, on which I am writing this review, did have a few scratches on the wood surface. I have put this down to the postage and handling which is a shame With this in mind it might be a case that the Bamboo used in the construction of the box marks easily. This is not a problem as the wooden feel of the box has that quality feel you associated with the Windsor & Newton brand.

The box is opened by two sturdy clasps which allows the box to lay flat on your worktop and display the boxes branded Winsor & Newton watercolor art materials. The art box contains one natural sponge, a medium kneaded putty rubber, a white ceramic mixing pallet, branded Winsor & Newton small cloth, a branded pencil, two branded paint brushes (sizes 4 and 0), A5 watercolour pad with 12 pages of 300gsm watercolour paper along with 12 tubes of branded Winsor & Newton watercolour in tubes.

Good points about the Winsor & Newton Bamboo box set

  • Contains quality Windsor & Newton watercolours
  • Quality construction you expect from Winsor & Newton
  • Great size which makes it easy to store
  • Portable design for transporting your materials
  • Feels and looks great

Poor points about the Winsor & Newton Bamboo box set

  • Some might feel it’s a little expensive but they are quality art materials
  • The Bamboo box can mark easily due to the materials used
  • The tube might be seen as a little small.
  • Conclusion

The Windsor & Newton watercolors Bamboo Box set is a sturdy, compact addition to your art materials, by a quality manufacturer, easy to store and portable.

You can buy this set and others like it at

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Richard 6 years ago

Thanks for this review Jon and I like the way you've added your pro's and cons for the Windsor & Newton watercolours box set. Vote up from me :)

Jonathan Grimes profile image

Jonathan Grimes 6 years ago from Devon Author

Thanks for the feedback Richard and I use a similar approach to my other reviews here at

Kevin 5 years ago

I think the biggest plus is the 6 well porcelain palette which is extremely useful and compared to the twelve half pan version of this set which has a small plastic box of pans with the small lid for mixing, this tube set is much better value IMO.

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