Wood Photo Mounting For A Natural Look

Bamboo May Be Best Option For Wood Photo Mounting

Lots of people are turning to more modern ways to display their photos and these days there are an increasing  number of options.  Probably the most familiar to most is printing your photo onto canvas to achieve an oil painting like quality.  It's gaining in popularity and many choose this option because it's affordable, but is it the best option?  For those looking for a higher quality, more modern look, they are turning to face mounting techniques using everything wood to plexi.  Photo mounting on wood offers a beautiful natural look particularly if mounting to something like bamboo which is far from common.  It offers a more unique look and higher quality presentation over MDF or masonite, two common wood photo mounting options.  There aren't many companies that offer bamboo photo mounting, but Bumblejax.com is one.

The Bamboo Photo Mounting Process

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