Young Start gives Danish Artist Early Start

When Dmtri Danish was a youngster, his mother detected an artistic flair and began grooming him as an artist. After discovering his natural talent she began to teach him how to paint as well as draw and enabled him early entry to the world of art, in which she was thoroughly familiar as an artist herself.

Born in 1966, at the age of five he was given his first professional lessons as an artist and the Dmitri Danish artist flair was evident and he easily began painting in several different styles. He was accepted into an art school for gifted children when he was 13 and at 15 he entered the Kharkiv State Art College.

However, it was more than his love of painting and his early introduction to painting that fascinated others who watched him work. His passion was cityscapes and he could paint cities to which he had never traveled. Listening to others describe their excursions and by reading books he embedded the cities’ descriptions into his memory and relied on his imagination to create his Danish artist flair paintings.

Danish graduated from college in 1986 and began work as an art teacher. He served two years in the army, returning to enroll in the Kharkov State Academy of Art and Design. While there he worked as a set designer for Opera Theater and was a creative director for an advertising agency. Two years later he was accepted into membership of the Union of Ukrainian Artists and the career as Dmitri Danish artist began to flourish.

Although his travels were restricted, he didn’t hesitate to paint city scenes more from what had emerged in his imagination than from any other resource. He had seen unusual places in his dreams and used his art to show what he had witnessed. City streets, wooden buildings and small shops under trees all came to life from his mind into his paintings, creating another world that no one else had ever seen.

His paintings were in a solo art exhibition in 2000 at the Kharkov State Museum of Fine Art in a show called “The City.” The museum currently has three of his works from that show as part of its permanent collection. The New Jersey Museum of Modern Art also bought three of his cityscapes for its permanent display. However, it wasn’t until; 2005 that he began to show his talent in the United States where it was accepted with wide acclaim in several one-man shows in galleries on the east and west costs.

Once the borders of the Soviet Union opened, he was able to travel to the places he had only heard about and painted from the descriptions he heard from others. Cities such as Rome and Venice and countries like France, Austria and Greece all took up his time as he ventured out to see the places that had been stuck in his imagination. Traveling around Europe and the United States has provided him real memories from which his cityscapes can be painted, making them seem more real than his memories of the past.

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whonunuwho profile image

whonunuwho 4 years ago from United States

Dmtri Danish is a fantastic artist and extremely gifted in his portrayal of life around him. Thank you for sharing this very interesting information about this great artist of our times.

GClark profile image

GClark 4 years ago from United States

Interesting hub with great information illustrated with photos and video about an artist that I had not heard of before. He truly is a gifted artist with wonderful technique and use of colors, etc. Thanks for sharing.

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thank you whonunuwho and GClark! I'm so glad you both enjoyed the hub and learning more about Dmitri Danish. He is an amazing artist! Thank you for reading!

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