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Abstract Painting
Abstract Painting

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What is Abstract Painting?

Technically, abstract painting is the form of art which uses visual language of colors, lines, and form. Abstract paintings are one of the most difficult paintings to understand and comprehend, as the observer can interpret many things within the painting. Though this is one of the difficulties, it is actually one of the primary reasons why this form of art is very beautiful.

Abstract Painting Tips

  • Free yourself when painting. It’s not literal though, what it means is like to ‘meditate’ first before the painting proper. Take out all ideologies in your mind and just be yourself. Don’t mind others, don’t mind what society will say of you, just center yourself above everything. Then express it in your painting.
  • Don’t expect anything. In doing abstract art, you have no goal, you have no priorities. You take inspiration from everything but you expect nothing out of the results. Just enjoy the moment and let your art sense have their way.
  • Use other mediums available not just your brush. Though many abstract art are made using brushes, there are those phenomenal pieces that are made by other mediums, like hands, or even nothing at all!

Abstract paintings are appreciable pieces of art. They may be all weird, fuzzy, and seemingly incomprehensible but behind all that there’s always a meaning. And the beauty of this is that this meaning would dependentirely upon you, the audience.

Why Abstract Paintings Are Better Than Other Genres

There are many genres in the field of painting including classical, modern, and even traditional ones. Each has its own ‘factor’ that makes it stand out over others. But for our context, we’ll be dealing with these factors in the abstract painting genre. Enumerated below are some of these ‘factors:’

1. The observer is free to interpret the art. In comparison with other genres in which the observer is ‘limited’ in his/her interpretation of the artwork (especially in traditional ones), abstract works allow the audience to be free with whatever they may think of. For example, the artist may have intended to portray an image of a beautiful lady (in an abstract sense!) in the abstract art, but the audience may see it as another object. Here, there are no right or wrong answers, everyone’s correct and there’s no criticism at all.

2. Everyone’s free to do it. Unlike other art genres which would require a strong drawing or painting skill and an extraordinary artistic sense, abstract art can be done by anyone.

3. There’s a lot of everything. Colors, lines, forms, strokes, even the medium used. Though you may look at it as if it’s chaotic, these elements converge to form something with a unifying sense or idea, and that makes it a form of art rather than just a collection of random drawings or paintings.

4. Individuality is shown best. This genre is all about being what the artist wants to be. He/she is free to express him/herself. This freedom is what art really is about, and that’s why abstract paintings are ‘above’ others.

Abstract Paintings
Abstract Paintings

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Carl Armes 3 years ago

Enjoyed reading your hub, I like to paint abstracts as a way to relax after a hard day at work. I have even found a use for them, they look nice on a wall as mood paintings, I have a number of paintings that I switch around depending on the time of year and the mood that I am in.

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