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I am curious why Youtube has so many advertisments nowadays? Does anyone know?

At first Youtube was free and it operated quite a long time as such, how come all of a sudden it needs money? And it needs so much money that advertising have plagued almost every video ... The same may be said of the internet altogether: all was free and with no regulations. Now, we see more and more how people are trying to make all sorts of incredible profit off of it and to add more and more rules to it ... Is greed just unstoppable and bound to corrupt everything?

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Irfan (arksys) says

4 years ago
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Rosie Rose (Rosie2010) says

4 years ago
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    Mr. Happy 4 years ago

    Thank You for the details. What is TOS? And is it up to the uploader if they put advertisments up on their videos or is this directed by Youtube? I am sort of confused here ...

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Briar-Rose says

4 years ago
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