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How should I start creating comics / caricatures?

I love writing and I do it a lot (well, not on Hubpages yet). But I feel I have to learn another creative skill, music is not an option as I want to learn the piano and have no room for it right now. So this boils down to drawing + sketching. Any ideas how I could start doing that? I've seen dozens of tutorials already but it's more of a procrastination issue. Perhaps someone can give an inspiring hint? Or do I just have to kick my a$$? I've added a quick sketch so that you can see where I'm on the talent scale. 1 ------ 3.2 -------------------- 10 Or more like a solid 2.0? Help!

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Shaddie says

4 years ago
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    Shaddie 4 years ago

    I would like to add by saying, something that helped me when I was very first starting was drawing comic characters that I liked - particularly Calvin and Hobbes. I would open up one of the books and just start copying down the poses and expressions.

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flashmakeit says

4 years ago
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    assimilated 4 years ago

    Haha, thanks :-)

    It's a good idea to show my (crappy) work to others via the internet. I'm currently thinking of a challenge for next month or something like that. BTW: I want to do as little as possible with computer software. At least for now.