Sewers - Do you sew with reclaimed material? What are your favorite reimagined projects?

Do you cut up old jeans? Turn curtains into clothing? Transform a pillowcase into a little girl's dress? I am curious about projects that reuse old material such as jeans, pillowcases, sheets, curtains etc. I am sewing on a budget, and these items can easily be found at thrift stores and used for the fabric. I'd love all the ideas I can get!

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Jayme Kinsey (Sharkye11) says

3 years ago
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RTalloni says

3 years ago
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  • ElleBee 3 years ago

    Yes these are fun! I have a bag in the works that is not made entirely of denim but will be incorporating it. I have a plain canvas tote (which I purchased), and I am planning to sew back pockets from jeans onto the outside for extra pockets/detail.

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Linda (lindalou1963) says

4 years ago
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  • ElleBee 4 years ago

    Very cool! I'm actually thinking of doing something similar with tshirts I have from college.