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How to draw/paint/create full moon for stage set for play at school.

I need to make a big moon 50 inches (diameter) for a school play. I was looking at some pictures but can't find anything on how to make a moon like this in the picture attached. Any help or tips or any article that might help me make this would be of great help.

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Catherine Tally (cat on a soapbox) says

3 years ago
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    K Kiss 3 years ago

    thanks a lot. 50 inches is what we wanted but it can be bigger or a bit smaller. Painting is an option but worried that if not painted right it will look too cartoonish. Am also considering drawing a high def. moon with illustrator and printing it.

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Ahnoosh says

3 years ago
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Marian Cates (Marian Designs) says

3 years ago
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