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Homemade Soap Making Disaster

Second time making my soap and I switched my pot to a bigger one because I was making a full batch this time. Got my lye reduced down to the correct temp, had my fats at the correct temp in relation to the lye solution. Combined and kept it at a steady temp and brought it to trace. Turned off the heat to keep it from climbing too high and my soap came to a full ROLLING boil all by itself and STAYED there!! My soap has now boiled itself away!! I had over 90 oz of soap in that pot and it is ALL GONE!!! WHAT the Heck did I do???????

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Christin Sander (ChristinS) says

3 years ago
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    LopezUnleashed 3 years ago

    Thanks. I'll check out your Hub. I've heard of doing it in a crock pot before.

    I think there was something wrong with my pot. The soap ate a hole in the bottom of it & now I have a big mess to clean under there.

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lostohanababy says

2 years ago
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