10 Bead Craft Projects

Beads crafts are fun for kids of all ages, and even adults find them entertaining. Here are 10 easy bead craft projects that you can make today:

1. Beaded Jewelry

This is not just a kindergarten craft. In fact, people from all age ranges and walk of life enjoy making and wearing beaded jewelry. From necklaces to bracelets and earrings, beaded jewelry is by far one of the most popular bead projects out there.

2. Bike Streamers

Beaded bike streamers are an easy way to add color and flair to your bike. Take several strands of beading thread (eight should give you a nice streamer for one bike grip) about 3.5 feet long, and tie a sennet of whichever macramé knot you like best. Make it about 5-8 knots long. Take another piece of beading thread and weave it around the base of the sennet of knots. Finally, tie basic knots at the base of each string anywhere from one to three inches from the bottom. Vary the position of the knots for added effect. Slide a bead onto each end and tie a knot beneath it to hold it in place. Have an adult cut a small hole in your bike grip and use strong adhesive to glue the streamer into the bike grip. Repeat for the other side.


Get kids excited about reading with this sweet project. You can make simple and beautiful bookmarks using some pretty ribbon and beads. Cut a length of ribbon slightly longer than you would like your finished project to be. Tie a decorative knot approximately two inches from the end. Slide four or five beads onto your ribbon and then tie another decorative knot just after the beads to keep them from slipping around. You can use ABC beads to spell out someone's name or word. Alternatively, you can place a decorative knot in between each bead. You can also add fringes to the opposite end of the bookmark for more embellishment.

4. Doilies/Coasters

String together a long thread of beads in a fun and attractive pattern. When finished, knot both ends and coil the thread into a continuous circle. Coat with a clear adhesive, and allow to dry for your own trivet or coaster.

5. Name Bracelet or Necklace

Using adorable ABC beads, you can spell out your name or favorite phrase, and wear it with pride. Measure your wrist, double that number and add about two inches to get the total amount of string you'll need. Fold the length of string in half, hold a pencil in the center, and make a loose knot up against the pencil. Slide the beads all the way down the thread until the knot, and don't forget to check your spelling! When all the beads are in place, knot the two loose ends together, and remove the pencil. To wear, place bracelet on your wrist, and slide the knot through the loop left by the pencil. This makes a great friendship bracelet/necklace as well.

6. People/Animals Bead Buddies

Bead buddies are certainly some of the cutest creations you can make from beads. There are plenty of sites on the Internet that will give you lots of cute critters to create. You can also visit your local library for adorable bead animal and people instructions. Follow their directions, or take the lead to make bead buddies of your own design. Note: You'll probably need the economy size or the beads activity kit for this one because once you start making these adorable guys, you won't want to stop!

7. Pin or Brooch

Using a coiless safety pin, your kids can make a personalized pin or brooch. These are so nice and simple, you may want to make one to match every outfit or occasion. This super simple way to do this is with four small safety pins and one medium sized pin. Slide beads onto each of the four small pins in your preset pattern or color of choice. Close the small pins onto the medium sized pin. Close your medium pin and you are done. A slightly trickier and more impressive locking pin can also be made. Cut any shape from craft foam to use as a backing for your pin. Glue a pin back to the cut out shape and let dry. Apply a layer of adhesive to the front side of the cut out shape (the side without the pin), and place beads until the shape is entirely covered. You can sprinkle glitter across the finished project to give it a lovely shimmer.

8. Sun Catcher

Native American sun catchers are beautiful and tribal looking, a wonderful addition to your rear view mirror, vanity, purse zipper or room décor. Cut out the center of a plastic coffee lid or craft foam to form a ring. Wrap a nice ribbon around the ring until it is totally covered. Glue both ends down for ease of use. Take beading thread or thin wire and loosely loop it around the ring around 6 or 8 times. Bring the thread around, and weave through each loop, pulling slightly to form a star/web type pattern. Hold a bead in the center, and pass the thread through the bead each time you go to loop it through one of the original loops. You can add beads at any point in the pattern by holding it in place and looping through the bead as you make your loops. When looping is complete, take each end of the cord and let it hang down from the bottom center of the ring. Attach more beads at the bottom of each end, and knot.

9. Spiral Mobile

This is a pretty and fun craft to make. Draw a dotted spiral line on a circle of craft foam and cut along the dotted line so you have a spiral cut out. Decorate your spiral with paint, markers or stickers. Punch holes along the spiral, making sure they line up throughout the spiral levels. String beading thread through the holes, tying the top end of the thread to the top of the spiral and leaving a long tail of thread hanging at the bottom. Thread several beads in assorted colors onto each tail and knot on the bottom. Punch a hole at the top of the spiral and thread a string for hanging the mobile.

10. Zipper Pull/Cell Phone Charm

Here's a simple project that your kids can make with some beads and beading thread. Attach two lengths of beading thread to a zipper or keychain ring and pull down so that all four ends are even. Make a knot and pull tight. Begin making four or five square knots with all four strings. A square not is simple. You take the rightmost string and bring it under the two middle cords and over the leftmost cord. Then you bring the (original) leftmost cord and bring it over the middle to cords and through the loop created with the (original) rightmost string. Repeating this step in opposite will give you one square knot. Alternatively, repeating this step exactly will give you a spiral effect, which is also very nice. Do four or five of these, then string a bead onto the two center strings and make another set of square knots. Repeat this as many times as you like. Not only is it simple, but it's useful as well.

Hygloss Products has a huge variety of beads in every color, size and shape you can imagine, including durable beading thread. So let the bead crafts begin!

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Jaynie2000 profile image

Jaynie2000 5 years ago

My girls love beading. I'll have to share your ideas with them. Thanks!

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