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Printable Coloring Pages

Kids these days are often a bit addicted to smart phones and tablets, especially the games there. While many parents seem to find this a normal and a fun activity for their children, too much of it isn't good.

Well, the point is, letting them play tablet and smartphone games is OK, but children also constantly need innovative things that makes use of their mind in order to explore out and develop their creative ability, and so it's always best to take them outside to encounter new things, as well as have them do creative stuff at home, like building LEGO cities and doing coloring books.

From a psychological viewpoint, colors really fascinate children. This is why when you go out in a park and see several colorful flowers, it can and it will immediately grab your child's attention. For kids, seeing colors and lots of it is something new. They are curious about it, and they'll want to get their hands on it no matter what. That's why coloring books are pretty much a very fun activity for them.

Free Printable Coloring Pages
Free Printable Coloring Pages

Advantages Of Coloring Pages Vs Other Activities

If you're not a fan of this activity, then I've got some reasons why you should let your child try it out:

  • It's cheap. Dirt cheap. Heck there are even free printable coloring pages online, and so it won't be an excuse that you're too lazy to go to a bookstore. Take note that even at a bookstore, it's still much more affordable than the apps in the Apple store or Google play.
  • It's a fun activity both for you and your kid. Having to color stuff with you as their parent will always be a fun activity for your kids. Here you can explain to him/her things about what the two of you are coloring, like if it's a plane or a car, a tree or a monkey. Anything goes.
  • Promotes your child's creativity. You won't know it but it could fuel your child's inner interest for art, and someday become a famous artist! In fact, this activity is used by preschool teachers in many schools and day care centers, simply because it can make your child preoccupied for a few hours while still having them to expound their creative side.
  • It's a good way to teach your child something new. Like what was stated earlier, colors attract children. They draw attention like food. Hence, you can take advantage of this opportunity to have your child learn something anew, like what type of tree you are coloring or what's that animal called. Truly, your imagination is the limit here as to what things you'll be able to introduce. Of course, the more the better.

So Where Can I Get These?

As I've said, there are many free printable coloring pages in the net. There are also a lot of these in bookstores, or if you're pretty creative yourself, you can go create one for your kids. Creating one will always be fun, so why not try it?

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