Circles of Friendship Bracelet

Remembering Friends

A beautiful crocheted bracelet that looks like adjoining circles- that's my Circles of Friendship Bracelet. This bracelet is inspired by the shell circle stitch. So if you're familiar with it, this bracelet should be a breeze for you! But if you're not, you should at least know how to make a dc-cluster. If you don't, I got you covered. I've included WIP (work in progress) pictures for your convenience.

What You Need

2          pcs       0.75-cm metal rings

1          pc        5-cm extender chain

1          pc        1-cm lobster lock

                        small amount of yarn

                        suitable crochet hook

                        tapestry needle


My finished bracelet has 7 circles representing my 7 groups of friends. Each circle has a diameter of approximately 2 cm.

Since I know that there’s nothing standard about plarn and you might do this with other yarns, therefore you should determine your own gauge and adjust the pattern accordingly. Here’s how:

Crochet – ch 12, sk 3 ch, 9 dc-cluster anchored on the 9 remaining chains.

Measure the diameter of the semi-circle formed and your desired bracelet length.

Determine how many circles you’ll be doing using the following formula/equation:

# of circles =    desired bracelet length – 3.5 cm *

                              diameter of semi-circle

* 3.5 cm represents the combined length of the lobster lock, metal rings and a bit of the extender chain

Crochet Instructions

Foundation Chain: Make a chain 10x the # of circles plus 1. Turn.

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, *ch 3, 9 dc-cluster, ch 3, sc in next ch*. Repeat *-* towards end of foundation chain. Ch 1, turn.

This is a 9-dc cluster

Row 2: Sc in sc, *9 dc in the center of the dc-cluster, sc in the next sc*. Repeat *-* towards end of row 1.

Row 3 (worked around): Ch 3, sl st to 1st ch, sl st to foundation chain, * sk 1 ch, 9 sl st*. Repeat *-*towards end of foundation chain. Sl st into sc, ch 3, sl st into 1st ch. Sl st into 1st sc of row 2, * sl st on 9 dc, sk sc*. Repeat *-*towards end of row 2. Sl st to first ch-3 ring. Break off and weave in ends.



Memories become more vivid if represented by actual objects, I heard.


I made this bracelet because I was inspired by the shell circle stitch. But giving it a name that would highlight the circles was very difficult. I thought of "around the world", I searched expressions associated with circles, I racked my brain to remember something that would be catchy, something I have read before, any name worthy of this beautiful bracelet! (Sigh)

Then out of the blue, the name "Circle of Friendship" popped up in my head. I didn't stop searching my head yet. But memories of my friends flooded my consciousness - the friendships that faded, the friendships that stayed the same beyond time and distance, the good times, the bad times, losing friends, gaining new ones..

I explored my memories some more. Why don't I make the circles represent one group of friends? In my journal I wrote which set of friends these circles meant, how we met, what experiences we shared, and what became of our friendship. It was a revelation that I have shelved a lot of great memories over the years.

In the end, I'm glad I named this bracelet after my friends. Whenever I'll see this bracelet I'll be reminded how many great friends God gave me.

Hubby Thinks I'm a

I Love Your Comments! - Did this lens uncover memories of your friends?

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