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Clip Art Borders and Frame Graphics for Crafts, Scrapbooks, Web Design and Blogs

Welcome to the web's best collection of clip art borders and frame graphics.

Clip art borders and picture frame borders are one of the top free clip art searches online, and it's no surprise. Scrapbook artists love unique frame borders, page dividers and page border graphics. I love to design clip art, especially clip art borders, page borders, frames and craft border clip art designs.

Paper crafters, bloggers, desktop publishers, web designers and artists are always looking for unique clip art borders and linear divider graphics to add to their design projects.

This page is dedicated to finding and reviewing legal clip art borders, page borders, frame graphics, scrapbook borders, dividers and border clip art for blogs, web pages and personal design projects.

Sharing my art and "secret sources" for clip art is one way I pay it forward. Now it's your turn: bookmark and share this article with friends who love clip art borders.

Frames and Borders Vector Motifs (Dover Electronic Clip Art)

Designer-quality collection of 300 high quality vector borders in EPS and SVG formats plus JPG and PNG graphics formats and bonus free Inkscape vector graphics program included!

Vector images can be enlarged without loss of quality so you can use these images for any design project from labels and flyers to wall art, posters or party banners,

Digital Collection: Frames and Borders

Frames and Borders Vector Motifs (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
Frames and Borders Vector Motifs (Dover Electronic Clip Art)

Superb Vector Graphics on CD-ROM plus free editing software - Highest quality clip art borders available, vector images with matching corners


Clip Art Borders Frames

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Paw Prints Oval Frame BorderThree page size printable letter paper Christmas frame bordersCeltic Frame Border Clip Art, public domain clip art by angelo gemmi
Paw Prints Oval Frame Border
Paw Prints Oval Frame Border | Source
Three page size printable letter paper Christmas frame borders
Three page size printable letter paper Christmas frame borders
Celtic Frame Border Clip Art, public domain clip art by angelo gemmi
Celtic Frame Border Clip Art, public domain clip art by angelo gemmi | Source

Make Your Own Clip Art Borders - Design Custom Border Graphics with a Wacom Tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Tablet, Medium (PTH651) OLD MODEL
Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Tablet, Medium (PTH651) OLD MODEL

Draw with the natural feel of a pen on paper to create your own graphics images, frames and border clip art.

Quickly edit photos and create digital art with more than 2000 levels of tip and eraser sensitivity. There's even a wreless accessory kit included

Multi-function touch ring with 4 customizable functions, 8 programmable quick keys. Includes software download instructions and many other features. Installation CD-ROM.

Use instead of a mouse for normal computing activities.


Clip Art Borders

These sites offer hundreds of frame and divider clip art borders for non-commercial use.

Clip art border sample, Mexican marigold flowers frame and blossom
Clip art border sample, Mexican marigold flowers frame and blossom | Source
Chili peppers wreath border clip art
Chili peppers wreath border clip art
Holly borders frame clip art
Holly borders frame clip art | Source

Where to Find the Best Professional Border Art

Amazon carries the popular Dover line of graphics and art books plus many other digital image collections

Amazon offers an amazing collection of royalty free graphic resources in both printed book and CD-ROM electronic clip art formats. You can find all types of clip art for your creative designs ranging from borders and frames to vintage graphics, cartoons, photographs, mortised cuts, buttons and fine art illustrations.

The digital clip art collections even include vector graphics in AI, EPS or WMF that you can enlarge to any size and bitmap clip art images in low and high resolution TIF, PNG, JPG and GIF formats ready for you to add to print or electronic publishing and crafts. Vector images are preferred by professional artists and are the very best images to use for embroidery or electronic cutting machines.

Royalty-free black-and-white frames and borders in sizes ranging from 1" x 2" to 2" x 5" in a wide variety of old and new styles including Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Op Art, and calligraphic.

E-Clip Art Borders - 372 Borders and Frames

372 Frames and Borders (Dover Electronic Clip Art) (CD-ROM and Book)
372 Frames and Borders (Dover Electronic Clip Art) (CD-ROM and Book)

These lovely clip art border frames will add a decorative touch to almost any design or craft project that needs decorative borders..


Photo Label Sample: Snowman with "Sign"

Snowman label frame created from photo and white block overlay
Snowman label frame created from photo and white block overlay | Source
Specialty border frame, apples photo background
Specialty border frame, apples photo background | Source

Make a Border Frame With a Photo Background

How to create your own clip art picture frame or printable label art

It's easy to use a photograph as the backdrop for a label, frame or page layout. You need to have a graphic tool that can do two things: add a color box on top of the photo, and make that box partially transparent. These two techniques are usually accomplished through creation of a layer.

1. Open your photograph and get it sized properly for your page or project.

2. Next, create a shape to lay on top. I usually use a rectangle or square about 1 inch smaller all around than the underlying photo.

3. Fill the shape with white, or any color you want to use.

You can stop here, or you can make some of the photo under the color box appear to be faded out. Simply make the color box transparent (about 50 percent is usually good). Play with the transparency until you get the effect you want. My sample apples frame uses 50% transparency to let some of the apple photo show through.

If you like a bit more pizazz, you can add another border in a solid color to outline the entire frame and/or the box you created, as in my apples square label. I used a nice green to tie the whole design together.

Corel Home and Student Graphics - Easy to Use, Affordable Graphics Editing and Drawing Software

Powerful graphics editing solution for illustrating, tracing, darwing photo editing, Web graphics and animation in one complete suite. Learn quickly with built-in teaching tools, video tutorials.

E-clip art, Wreaths and Frames Border Graphics

Decorative Wreaths and Frames CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
Decorative Wreaths and Frames CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)

Highly rated by designers and crafters who own and use this collection, the frames and borders art is clear, details and easy to use.


Seasonal Clip Art Borders

Frames and borders fall clip art you can use to design your own page borders and paper crafts.

Turkeys and pumpkins harvest border
Turkeys and pumpkins harvest border | Source

Halloween Clip Art Borders and Frames

Halloween Clip Art Borders and Frames
Halloween Clip Art Borders and Frames | Source

Design and decorate Halloween party invites, favors, name tags or web pages with Halloween borders ... here are a few samples of free clip art borders plus some nifty Hallowe'en fonts you can use to make your own clip art borders.

Owls Border - Black or orange vintage clip art owl borders

Halloween Ding Bats Font - Design your own borders using the ding bat characters in this clever font

Halloween Borders - spiders, webs, witch hats, lightning bolts, pumpkins free Halloween clip art borders

Always Read the Terms of Use

Respect Copyright for free clipart and graphics

NOTE: Many of the clip art resources we recommend in this article state the images are free for personal use; some artists or copyright owners may require site registration and/or payment to use images. Others may only require a link or other credit for any use whatsoever.

It's your responsibility to determine the legal use of any resources suggested in this lens. We only recommend resources for you to explore, not exploit.

Always be sure to check the terms of use for graphics or photos you find in books or online.

If you use graphics, photographs or anything created by another person for any purpose it is your responsibility to check terms of use and to respect copyright laws.

I hope you enjoyed this clip art borders article and found some helpful free frame and border clip art resources. Leave a comment to suggest another border clip art resource or just to say hello.

© 2008 Lee Hansen

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Number1Athlete 8 years ago

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10 SUPER Gift Ideas For Little Boys

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Books That I Once Read

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Look at the page source for the module to find the paragraph code I used.

You might want to search out a few Squid tech and tricks lenses to find other tips for using a graphic as the background in a module ... best wishes!

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Thanks for the great lens! I haven't used clip art in years (and probably won't ever again now that I design my own graphics), but it did the job at the time.

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Social Media | Graphic Design

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< href=""&...

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:) Kath

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I used this lens to find a border for a kids' project. Thanks for the great collection of links!

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What a wonderful gift you have shared....a lifetime of clip art links and ideas. Love it...thanks!

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PhotoshopWarrior 5 years ago

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beatricezuck 5 years ago

You wrote something that individuals could comprehend and produced the subject intriguing for everyone. Truly, fantastic blog you've got here.

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I am a newbie, but I do have to say you have put together a great resource for us non artistic folks online! Great links and examples! My daughter loves the butterfly boarder at the beginning. I will be back to use some of these resources for our home school newsletters!

Great job, Thumbs Up!

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I've spent hours online trying to find good clip art borders for different projects. Now I can just refer back to this lens. Thanks so much for creating it.

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What an incredibly comprehensive lens - no wonder it is so highly ranked. Hopefully one day I will reach this level of lens excellence (maybe in a few years!) - squidlike from me.

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TIRMassageStone1 5 years ago

If I can't find the border I'm looking for with clip art, I just scan in images of scrapbook paper or other things and use that for my borders. Sometimes the images need editing in Picasa, or for the more advanced, Photoshop.

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mihgasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

Incredible resource. I was looking just for something like that. Thanks!

casquid profile image

casquid 5 years ago

Useful and Creative. Thanks!

360xbl 5 years ago

well put together lens.

VillaDejaBlue 5 years ago

Nice lens.

Linda Pogue profile image

Linda Pogue 5 years ago from Missouri

Fun collection!

sheezie77 5 years ago

Great lens! Thank you for sharing with us!

kathysart profile image

kathysart 5 years ago

Wow oh wow.. what a great lens. Thanks for all the ideas! Angel blessed for sure.

uzairfriends 5 years ago

great collection

JackieSonia profile image

JackieSonia 5 years ago

Very nicely presented. Useful info. Thanks for sharing.

greenmind profile image

greenmind 5 years ago

Nice idea! This is a really useful and informative lens. You have a great eye for detail and know what you're talking about.

greenmind profile image

greenmind 5 years ago

Nice idea! This is a really useful and informative lens. You have a great eye for detail and know what you're talking about.

nelsonkana 5 years ago

Nice lens here. Am taking a tour of top lenses. This is one of them. I like it.

favored profile image

favored 5 years ago from USA

Great lens, I've enjoyed my visit and will use this. Thanks.

josephpowell519 5 years ago

I really enjoyed this lens, very informative and interesting.

I've given this page a like!

gyo_art_fashion 5 years ago

Very neat! Some fabulous stuff you've shared there...

I've just created a lens that talks about converting your hand drawings into professional, digital artworks on the computer....

I have one module where I've done a frame too, so I think you'd find it interesting! Do check it out and share your thoughts with the newbies like me :-)) Thanks.

SandyMertens profile image

SandyMertens 5 years ago from Frozen Tundra

So much info here. Always looking for clip art. Blessed! Please add this to the plexo on my New Year 2012 Blessings and Zazzle lens..

Rebeljohn profile image

Rebeljohn 5 years ago

great info thank you

Franksterk profile image

Franksterk 5 years ago from California

Back to bless this excellent lens now that I have my wings. Bear hugs, Frankster

freewallpapers4 profile image

freewallpapers4 5 years ago

awesome lens, thanks

sousababy profile image

sousababy 5 years ago

Lovely, I'm not too good at using clip art and borders . . what a fabulous collection here! Thank you for sharing.

davenjilli lm profile image

davenjilli lm 5 years ago

Just a couple days ago I was totally looking for the checkerboard border! Ended up I had to make my own. Love the lady bugs paper. Saturday I discovered how much I love lady bugs - we have many in our house this winter which got me to thinking about decorating with them, which of course led to a lens about decorating with lady bugs. Doesn't everything lead to a lens?

anonymous 5 years ago

this website is great

goo2eyes lm profile image

goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

i love the selection of your clip arts. squidangel blessings.

trytolearnmore lm profile image

trytolearnmore lm 5 years ago

Fantastic! I love clip art , however as we all know finding the good stuff can take forever. This is my favorite lens so far. As a returning "newbie", I'm enjoying looking at lenses. So glad I found yours. Just the most Generous of Works, thanks... how to solve sudoku faster

BusyMOM LM profile image

BusyMOM LM 5 years ago

Being a fellow graphic artist, I can appreciate this lens. Thanks!

athena2011 5 years ago

Nice wide selection of clip art here. Gave you a squidlike.

John Dyhouse profile image

John Dyhouse 5 years ago from UK

A wonderful resource and so much effort must have gone into this and your other websites. Thanks for these borders. Blessed

Bash51214 5 years ago

Thanks For sharing .. enjoyed it a lot.. God Bless You.

ptnjust007 5 years ago

great info thank you

curious0927 profile image

curious0927 5 years ago

Came back to Bless this! I love this lens, it is so thorough with so much to do! Bookmarked for my pleasure! Just tremendous! I also featured you on my Scrapbooking with Borders lens, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment! Grabbed your Plexo list too! I love it when we share!

myamya 5 years ago

Great lens! Very nice idea thumbs up

Herman IV profile image

Herman IV 4 years ago

Tremendous amount of useful information. Thank you for a very nice lens!

TTMall profile image

TTMall 4 years ago

Loved Your Lens! You really put a lot of good information in it.

kevingomes13 lm profile image

kevingomes13 lm 4 years ago

Your lemon and lime border looks very enticing. Nice lens.

SimilarSam profile image

SimilarSam 4 years ago from Australia

Great collection you've got here!

nyclittleitaly profile image

nyclittleitaly 4 years ago

Great lens. Many interesting ideas.

greenmind profile image

greenmind 4 years ago

Wow these are really cool -- I especially like the Celtic one ( my roots!).

embroiderycalmo 4 years ago

very nice. I like it. I will use it. :)

WilliamPower profile image

WilliamPower 4 years ago

I do use clipart.

333ideas 4 years ago

Great lens! And thank you for sharing this info! From 333ideas @

flinnie lm profile image

flinnie lm 4 years ago from Alabama USA

Hi this is great clipart,enjoy this lens.You have a great collection.Thanks for sharing.

ara-bella profile image

ara-bella 4 years ago

wow, so many helpful resources! thank you! I recently struggled to find some free christmas clipart, but I did it after all :)

FutzureEngineering 4 years ago

Nice Lens!

networm 4 years ago

These borders are perfect for certificates :)

utopia5230 4 years ago

Good info, Thanks

Gypzeerose profile image

Gypzeerose 4 years ago

Wonderful stuff here - I definitely am going to return back I am sure, you have done a great service by giving this away. Some of the outside sites are great too- like for Egyptian themed clip art. Happily Angel Blessed and sent out to folk I know through google plus one!

virtualboy profile image

virtualboy 4 years ago

clip art is a really neat hobby

soniazahan 4 years ago

very nice lens. Thanks for sharing it.

shahedashaikh profile image

shahedashaikh 4 years ago

Good lens bookmarking for future reference.

seelsicko 4 years ago

excellent work

imlifestyle profile image

imlifestyle 4 years ago

I didn't know there was so much info out there on clip-art. Thanks for the info and the lens.

anonymous 4 years ago

Great lens, thanks!

anonymous 4 years ago

Great lens, thanks!

cynthiannleighton profile image

cynthiannleighton 4 years ago

I enjoyed the clipart. Great graphics...



neuromancer lm profile image

neuromancer lm 4 years ago

Really nice lens, the easter one was handy.

BestRatedStuff profile image

BestRatedStuff 4 years ago

Great lens, full of very usable borders for all kinds of uses. Thanks

snappycanvas 4 years ago

A helpful ways and tips you have here especially to those who wanted to start their scrapbook in a much quality but still creative way. Great squid!

linkreggie 4 years ago

Awesome and very informative lens. I will bookmark this lens for future reference.

PennyHowe profile image

PennyHowe 4 years ago

Fabulous lens. I can see why it one a purple star. Congratulations on a job well done! Great stuff!

JoyfulReviewer profile image

JoyfulReviewer 4 years ago

Extensive resource full of ideas and sample clip art. Blessed by a joyful angel.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada

Just stopped by to wish you a wonderful weekend. It's spring and the perfect time to stop and smell a few roses. Rose borders that is ;)

AbandonGames 4 years ago

Very useful lense thank you !

aesta1 profile image

aesta1 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Just came back to give this lens a blessing.

anonymous 4 years ago

Wonderful stuff you got here. Got me really impressed. If you don't mind I want to share also a border frame that I think it needs appreciation

rachelscott profile image

rachelscott 4 years ago

I always enjoy on your lenses. Pastiche great job!

JaneEyre9999 profile image

JaneEyre9999 4 years ago

I love these! Thanks for sharing.

AndyJsn 4 years ago

Congrats on an incredibly-made lens!


karMALZEKE profile image

karMALZEKE 4 years ago

Nice lens...

extremely helpful.

CNelson01 profile image

CNelson01 4 years ago from California

Good resource lens - thank you! I'm often lookiing for clip art for a project. I use Photoshop but often turn to Corel's Paint Shop Pro for their great borders and picture tubes.

ResearchAddict profile image

ResearchAddict 4 years ago

Lots of great clip art resources! Thanks for sharing.

Kumar P S profile image

Kumar P S 4 years ago

Great lens ! Useful and informative.

BlueBonnetBlossom 4 years ago

What a beautiful lens...thanks so much! I'm new and I have so much to learn!

biggking lm profile image

biggking lm 4 years ago

interesting lens.

VeseliDan profile image

VeseliDan 4 years ago

I really like the Back to school border. *blessed*

McBub-Squidoo profile image

McBub-Squidoo 4 years ago

Yes, they are really practical. thanks

jazziyarbrough 4 years ago

Lots of useful information. I never even thought about clip art borders before reading this page. I now realize that I have seen them a lot but never gave them a second thought. Thanks for sharing the useful information, have a blessed evening!

kovid7 profile image

kovid7 4 years ago

It's a superb lens. It's so informative and I liked it very much. superb,fantastic,awesome and so on....!!!! I think that's the lens artists want. Really loved it very much.

steph-naylor profile image

steph-naylor 4 years ago

Probably one of my favourite Lensâs

steph-naylor profile image

steph-naylor 4 years ago

Probably one of my favourite Lensâs

squidoopets profile image

squidoopets 4 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

The fiesta flowers and the checkered tablecloth backgrounds are so adorable; I think I am going to have to step outside my comfort zone and be more creative with backgrounds. Lovely work! :)

tomazg profile image

tomazg 4 years ago

Love Heart Border looks really nice. I like your whole collections of these beautiful clipart borders.

maraga 4 years ago

i love your lens

eccles1 profile image

eccles1 4 years ago

Another purple star and I can see why! I need to learn to do borders

thank you

anonymous 4 years ago

I have been searching something like this lens for many days. tHaNks !

OneNewVoice 4 years ago

This is really amazing. I really like clip art and use it quite often. I will be coming back here for more information.

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