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  • How To Use Photo References Without Violating Copyright

    How To Use Photo References Without Violating Copyright

    by robertsloan23 years ago

    19th of 100... getting there! Almost a fifth of the way! Some things are very clear cut. If you steal an image from one of my Hubs or one of my websites such as http://www.explore-oil-pastels-with-robert-sloan.com or...

  • Quick & Dirty Drawing FAQ

    Quick & Dirty Drawing FAQ

    by Iris Hopp19 months ago

    How do I learn to draw? What is symbol drawing? Where can I get commissions? If you are new to art, you can find answers to your questions here.

  • Portrait drawing: a simple approach

    Portrait drawing: a simple approach

    by Drawing Factory7 years ago

    Portrait drawing is one of those drawing skills many people get into drawing for. It is so appealing and rewarding being able to draw a portrait of a friend, a lover, a kid in a way that makes them happy and you proud...

  • Finding Classroom Art Ideas

    Finding Classroom Art Ideas

    by Loraine Brummer4 days ago

    Creative art projects for elementary kids, activities for teachers and students with art ideas for the classroom or for individual use. Inspiring art and craft blogs to add creativity to art classes.

  • How to Draw a Perfect Star

    How to Draw a Perfect Star

    by CarlySullens3 years ago

    Step by step directions are offered on four different methods. Images for each direction is provided. Learn how to draw a 5 -pointed star two different ways, the Star of David, and a twinkling star.

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