Frangipanis also known by their botanic name Plumeria . It has romantic fragrance and a choice of beautiful warm tropical colors. For centuries frangipani has been one of the great plants for human adornment. The early uses of frangipani have been recorded by the ancient Aztecs.

It is a deciduous shrubs and trees, native to Mexico and Central America and Venezuela, it produces flowers ranging from yellow to pink. In several Pacific islands, Frangipanis are used for making leis. Frangipani has spread to all tropical areas of the world.


Frangipani was the name of an Italian perfume used to scent gloves in the 16th century and named after its creator, Marquis Frangipani. When the frangipani flower was discovered, its natural perfume reminded people of the scented gloves and so the flower was called Frangipani. The genus name, Plumeria commemorates Charles Plumier, a 17th century French botanist.

Frangipani flowers are known for their sweet scent.
Frangipani flowers are known for their sweet scent. | Source
Frangipani Tree taken at Sydney Royal Botanic Garden.
Frangipani Tree taken at Sydney Royal Botanic Garden. | Source

Frangipani is known by different name in different places. In Mexico, Frangipani is known as "cacalloxochitl" which means "crow flower." It was used for many medicinal purposes such as salves and ointments.

Here are other names for Frangipani in other countries

  • Kembang Kamboja - Indonesia
  • Temple Tree or Champa - India
  • Kalachuchi - Philippines
  • Araliya or Pansal Mal - Sri Lanka
  • Champa - Laos
  • Lantom or Lilarwadee - Thai


Frangipani is easy to grow from cuttings. It can be pruned and will do well in pots. Frangipanis are a fantastic addition to the garden, have fragrant flowers throughout summer and are best suited to sunny spots in tropical to warm, frost-free coastal areas.

I remember when I was young, most Frangipani are mostly white with a yellow centre, but now there are a range of colour varieties including yellow, apricot, salmon, pink, red and crimson.

There are a lot of products that are inspired by Frangipani flowers from car stickers to frangipani scented soap, scented candles and incense, and Frangipani Body Butter to name a few, there is not doubt that there is a Frangipani craze that is sweeping the country and is continuing to grow.


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Bessie A TORIE 3 years ago

Great presentation and write up. Very informative too. Frangipanis have been used by my family for its medicinal qualities for years and i absolutely love them. Thank you!

molly 4 years ago

i love frangipani's there awesome!

neil 5 years ago

thank you very much who ever created this helped me in my school project,THANKS A LOT GUYS..............................................!!!!

Prea mahindra 5 years ago

I love it it looked beautiful i am crazed



hahhaha 6 years ago

omg i am doing a research on plumerias or should i say plumies

'Oto'ota 6 years ago

Thank you for this beautiful picture; in the Tongan language we call this plant "Kalosipani" this picture makes me feel homesick for our homeland.

caitlin 6 years ago

oh... and i am making a frangipani scented perfume:)

caitlin 6 years ago

i am making a perfume. I really need a name for the perfume i am making. do you have any ideas??

Gabriella 6 years ago

OMG i just love the frangipani scent:)

it makes me quite happy!!! thank you for this site, it is very helpful

smithy 6 years ago

mm i just love frangipanis they look gorgeous and smell sensational.

nikki1 profile image

nikki1 7 years ago

awesome pic.s/hub. Rated (up)

Selina 7 years ago

I agree with the other commenter about the beauty of your photos!

I brought back cuttings of this tree from Maui as souvenirs. They are very easy to root. One of mine is now almost three feet tall. I wish I could grow them in the ground here but I know they would never make it through a winter.

Every time I look at them I'm reminded of my wonderful trip.

Thanks for the information and the memories.

murphy 7 years ago

i love frangipanis

Flowering Trees 8 years ago

You have some of the best pictures of flowering trees I've ever seen! You'll probably like my husband's site. He does a lot with flowering trees too!

Kimis 8 years ago


jess 8 years ago

can you tell me when they flower, i know its in the warmer months, but i kinda need to pinpoint it further as i want them as my weding flower!

Sally's Trove profile image

Sally's Trove 8 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

Frangipani has such a distinctive aroma. I love your hub because it reminds me of a long-lost friend. Her grandmother adored this scent, and on vacations and getaways, my friend and I would remember her grandmother by seeking out perfumes and candles with this scent to bring home.

Also, the pictures in your hub are gorgeous! And the historical and botanical information are most valuable.

SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

Beautiful pictures of the plumeria/frangipanis. I wish I could get one to grow, but I never had success.

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dafla 9 years ago

I love frangipanis! Another name for them is plumeria, and lovers of them usually call them "plumies". I have two, a red (really dark pink) and a tutti-frutti, which is just a baby, and has had no flowers yet. I want a yellow one, because the red doesn't really bloom very well.

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

Very good pics and information . Merry Xmas

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