free cross stitch pattern Seabiscuit fruit crate label

Original Label

I made this pattern because I liked the picture of Seabiscuit. Seabiscuit was an unlikely racing champion back in the 1930's, he was very popular and a symbol of hope to Americans brought low by the Depression.

So he was on lots of ads and this fruit crate label is just one example.

Chart statistics

This is a big chart, 7 pages, and the stitch count is 164 wide by 145 high. It uses 25 DMC colors, I designed it for off-white Aida, but you could do it on yellow Aida, to be more like the original image.

Saving Pattern

To save the image to your computer, right click full size image and go down to save image as. To expand the small images, click on them to expand, then save.

Finished Image

Black and White Pattern

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Color Pattern

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