Free Web Graphics: Where to Get Them (Legally!)

Free Stock Photos

Morguefile has amazing images released to the public domain, no credit required.
Morguefile has amazing images released to the public domain, no credit required. | Source

Add Images, Photos, or Graphics to Your Lenses the Right Way

With all the clip art, free web graphics, and stock photography sites out there, it's easy to make your lenses and webpages look great without breaking copyright!

Some people think images posted on the web are up for grabs. They aren't, any more than beach towels on the beach. Other people think it's okay to take graphics if you're not making money with them. Nope! You still need permission.

Luckily, lots of generous people do let you use their pictures with no strings attached. Others just ask for credit and a link back in exchange.

Here's the places I go to get free graphics, stock photos, and images for my webpages.

My top go-to sites: Freeimages (Formerly Stock Xchng), clipart, Wikimedia Commons, Flickr Creative Commons, and Open Clipart.

Creative Commons: Millions of Images

Creative Commons is a great source for graphics, images, videos and even music, as long as you're willing to follow their terms of use.

There's varying levels of Creative Commons licenses, indicated by a small graphic and/or two-letter abbreviation beneath the picture on the webpage where it appears:

  • BY: Available with attribution (credit) and a link back to where you found it. All Creative Commons images have this license.
  • ND: "No Derivatives" meaning you can't change, manipulate, or composite the graphic. Use the picture as is!
  • NC: NonCommercial. Sorry, you can't make money on these photos. That means you can't use these photos on pages that make money (like Hubpages), and of course no printing them on t-shirts and mugs for sale on Zazzle or Cafepress.
  • SA: Share Alike. That means you should post your image with the same level of Creative Commons license.

Tip: If you search on Creative, you can limit your search to images licensed for commercial use and/or adaptation/remixing on their top banner.

Flickr Creative Commons and Wikimedia

Many but not all photographers on offer their photos as Creative Commons. Look for copyright or Creative Commons icons under "License" in the sidebar of each photo's page. To find Creative Commons photos on Flickr, go to their Advanced Search and scroll down, choosing "for commercial use" under Creative Commons.

Wikipedia images are usually Wikimedia Commons. See Reusing Content Outside Wikimedia for the full scoop, but basically (a) For images labeled Creative Commons, do as above; (b) For images labeled GNU (or some similar) license, give attribution, a link back, and mention and link to the text of the license; (c) for images labeled Public Domain, it's no strings attached; and (d) Wikipedia doesn't recommend you reuse images labeled "Fair Use," because they're not 100% sure the person who uploaded them knew the image's copyright.

Stock Photos Are Slick!

Traditionally, you had to pay a licensing fee to use stock photography.

Nowadays, many stock photo archives offer a wide selection of free or low-resolution images that are perfect for web graphics. (They may sell the higher-resolution versions, needed for print publications.)

On stock photo archives, you still need to double-check the license. Rarely, it will say non-commercial only. Sometimes the photographer asks that you leave a message to let them know where their photos are being used.

Free Clip Art and Web Graphics

It's hard to find good-qualitly, royalty-free clip art that doesn't have a watermark and isn't limited to noncommercial use. If you're willing to pay a (quite reasonable) subscription price, you may download and use millions of excellent graphics on or iClipart. They allow you to use their graphics on website or for commercial purposes.

However, many of us are stingy. We want free graphics. That takes a little more hunting.

Tip: Google Image Search for LEGAL Graphics

Have you found a website where most images are public domain?

Use Google Image Search to search images only on that site.

For example, go to Google, click the Image tab at top, and search: shakespeare chickadee jupiter camera dancer

You still have to check the Terms of Use to make sure, of course.

"The information on government web pages is in the public domain unless specifically annotated otherwise (copyright may be held elsewhere) and may therefore be used freely by the public." -- copyright notice on NOAA.

So, basically, if you find an image on a .gov site, unless there's a caption saying it's copyrighted or has usage restrictions, it is free to use! Please DO check.

When using .gov images, you must credit where you found them and acknowledge that they're public domain.

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Lou165 7 years ago from Australia

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Great info! Exactly what I was looking for & I didn't even know it. Thanks so much!

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Great lens, but Warning - - -- Public Domain Clip Art, appears to contain viruses.

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db49 7 years ago

You are a are. I mean it.

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KathrynDarden 7 years ago

I had been wondering where to get free art legally -- now I know!

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RobinForlongePa 7 years ago

Did I read too fast to notice mention of the millions of images on WikiMedia Commons (many public domain and most "free" in some sense)?

mythphile profile image

mythphile 7 years ago from California Author

[in reply to Robin_Forlonge_Patterson] Aha! You did not. They often turn up in Creative Commons searches, but that's a good point to add, thanks!

thewishpearl 7 years ago

Amazing lens as usual. Thank you 5*'s

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bry lm 7 years ago

Wow what a wealth of knowledge you shared...Thank you!

Deeishere 7 years ago

I just want to say THANK YOU for doing a blog on clip art, graphics etc.. I always wondered where can you get some good pictures without having to worry about copyright. I found your site and I am so happy!

monumentalgb 7 years ago

Great source of information.

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JanieceTobey 7 years ago

Thank you so much for this wealth of information!! I've just finished finding some additional photos for one of my lenses from one of the sites you listed! 5 stars and favorited!

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Fantastic !

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PaulWinter 7 years ago

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I really like your lenses. I love learning graphics and html. I just come across your lens tonight for the first time. Great info.

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Thanks for this lens. I am building a site right now and I needed so pic's for it.


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TopStyleTravel 7 years ago

Helpful information and links. Love your intro graphic & the iceberg picture. Five stars & a fave. Thanks

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That's brilliant! Thanks for helping folks who want to work honestly. Gotcha bookmarked.

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Excellent page...working in education, I'm always on the lookout for free resources

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MsSnow4 7 years ago

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A RovingReporter 7 years ago

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RhondaAlbom 7 years ago from New Zealand

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FunGifts4All 7 years ago

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I gave you 5 stars. or more like you earned 5 stars! Bravo!

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RhondaAlbom 7 years ago from New Zealand

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chefkeem 7 years ago from Austin, Texas

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moneymaker1008 7 years ago

Thanks so much for all this excellent information! I tried looking for free clipart on Google and I couldn't really find anything useful. You must have put a lot of work into gathering all these resources!

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Thank you

anonymous 7 years ago


is a really great stock photo/illustration site you may want to add to your list of stock sites?

They have a free photo and free illustration to give away every month,and even if you buy the images, you can get a great professional photo for around £1 ($1.65)

That gives you unlimited use for all your web, stationery,etc projects as long as you don't re-sell the image.

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Blessed by an angel,

Susie P.S. Now I've got some blessing to do! :)

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please consider adding my site to your list. I offer free images, as well as linkware websets at my site -

thank you!


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GonnaFly 7 years ago from Australia

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cleanearth 7 years ago

Very good and informative lens. I had no idea there were so many available. Thank you for sharing

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TimothyArends 7 years ago from Chicago area

I personally love Dover! A lot of great old-fashioned clip art is largely overlooked these days.

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Glhall 7 years ago

Thanks for the ideas, they may help brighten up my dull lenses.

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Hey GG,

This is just the resource I've been looking for to answer a few questions I had! Thanks for the work you put into compiling all of that - it's super helpful! BTW, I found out about AllPosters the same way... weird huh? Squids really like it I guess.


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divacratus 2 7 years ago

Thanks for providing a large number of free image and clip art links. I was in search of more free image providing sites and I stumbled upon this lens. Once again, thanks a bunch!

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Pmona LM 7 years ago

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enslavedbyfaeries 7 years ago

Beautifully created lens and an excellent resource for finding images! I wanted to let you know that I'm finally catching up on approving comments after a long and lazy holiday break and just featured this lens on mine, How to Legally Add Copyrighted Pictures to Squidoo Lenses. Hope the new year is treating you well. :)

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larrybla lm 7 years ago

@enslavedbyfaeries: Thanks for all the graphic resources. I did not realize there were this many.

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CastleRoyLisa 7 years ago from Rhode Island

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wilddove6 7 years ago

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I enjoy using my own photography, but I'd like to find some other "goodies" to add to my lenses.

Perfect information, and many thanks once again!

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DeborahLynne 7 years ago

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ilikemakingmoney 7 years ago

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Hoped that helps ;)

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aesta1 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada galore. Shared with my friends. Thanks for this great info.

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Shades-of-truth 6 years ago from USA

This will certainly come in handy! As a writer who uses almost exclusively my own photos and creations - I needed this information. Sometimes, I need an image that I just don't have, or just cannot get - due to my locality. Thank you!

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I'm new to niching on squidoo and your help is absolutely invaluable.

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Sharon Weaver 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

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Wednesday-Elf 6 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

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anonymous 6 years ago

You could actually try , it does have a nice collection of free vintage images and vintage emphera

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mich1908 6 years ago

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norma-holt 6 years ago

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TimothyArends 6 years ago from Chicago area

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cbjones 6 years ago

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Tarra99 6 years ago

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anonymous 6 years ago

A great reading and good sources for free images. I have a query though, the images from some of the free sites have a stamp or impression of their website which gives the name of their URL. Is it still necessary to link the image to URL?

Thanks a lot.

Gidge179 6 years ago

Thank you so much, i honestly don't think i could have ever found a list as big as this :L

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DecoratingEvents 6 years ago

Very informative! Should be a must-read for newbie squids like me!

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nukemdomis lm 6 years ago

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EditPhotos 6 years ago from Earth

Very useful lens! Squidoo Angel Thumbs Up!

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mythphile 6 years ago from California Author

@EditPhotos: Thank you!

Yes, if most of my lenses were eaten by a giant virtual caterpillar, this is the one that would be (I think) most useful to people.

mythphile profile image

mythphile 6 years ago from California Author

@anonymous: The bottom line is that you gotta see their "terms of use" or "terms of service" to learn in what way they allow images to be used.

Many "free" sites have a stamp or watermark on them because they want you to register, while many others have it there because it's not actually free; you have to pay a small fee for their use. When I do a Google search for clip art, the first results that turn up are almost always for these "pay" sites like shutterstock and clipartof.

But who knows, there may be some free sites out there which really do just have a URL or stamp on them, and they ask for nothing more! Permissions vary as much as the artwork, so all you can do is check each site. That's part of why I compiled this list, to give you an idea of what each site requires (though I haven't checked in a while to see wheter their "terms of use" have changed).

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This is one i have to bookmark immediately, thanks

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@Lee Hansen: You are the clip art queen! I really admire what you've done to take a niche and cover it well.

Which reminds me, I should update that module. I try to remember to point to whichever of your holiday lenses makes sense, but I forget. :)

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daoine lm 6 years ago

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Tagsforkids 6 years ago

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Thank You!!!

God Bless!!!


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Thanks - I've always been confused by what all this pic stuff meant, but now my head is sorted!

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shiwangipeshwani 6 years ago

You are amazingly talented my friend. would love to have a chat with you sometime..

alegri 6 years ago


Some other creative commons images links for your list:

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SweetMarie83 LM 6 years ago

Wow, what a super lens! So thorough and detailed. I needed help finding graphics sites, I knew of a few but was starting to have trouble finding some more obscure photos. Thanks for the help!

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Sami4u LM 6 years ago


This is just great information. Blessed :)

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This is a great resource, as are all of your tutorials. I've learned a lot from your lenses.

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I am new in squidoo. this lens help me a lot and will be useful to build my next lens. thanks a lot.

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I am new in squidoo. this lens help me a lot and will be useful to build my next lens. thanks a lot.

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This is a very Cool resource, Nice Work!!

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Infomum LM 6 years ago

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AbhinavB LM profile image

AbhinavB LM 5 years ago

Being a newbie I was not aware, where to get legal images from.... Thanks a lot... It sure will help us...

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Excellent tutorial and resources...if we use an image from a spot that doesn't require attribution, would you suggest putting where the image is from anyway just so there's no confusion over if the image is in fact free to use or have copyright restrictions?

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digitaltree 5 years ago

great Lens, i got a question, when you used an image from flickr do you have to put in the bottom of the image, from who it belongs? since i don't see a place to put a link in the introduction module back to where i got the image, only on the big picture module it shows a place to put a links.

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Johanna Eisler 5 years ago

Awesome collection - I'm DEFINITELY bookmarking this! :) Maybe I missed it, but in case it's not here, has gorgeous pictures from generous photographers around the world. Usable for commercial use, no need to give credit - in fact, I don't think the photographer's names are even on the pictures! (Warning: don't download too many at a time or they will think you're a 'bot and will freeze your account until you communicate with them.)

Thank you again!!!

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ZCademy profile image

ZCademy 5 years ago from Northeast North America, Earth

Unfortunately, Barry's Clip Art is no more ... they've been absorbed into ClipArt . com, and are no longer free. I miss Barry's ...

anonymous 5 years ago

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I also recommend as a huge free stock photo archive.

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I appreciate what you do within this community. You make a difference for so many others. It's downright noble.

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Do you know about It's a quite handy resource for public domain images, too. Maybe you could include it on your lense ...

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anonymous 4 years ago

Great resources. Thank you.

anonymous 4 years ago

Very helpful. I am still hunting for a clip art piece which I used in the mid 1990s on stationery. I recall you could go to Office Depot and other places, order cards and stationery, you would pick some line art drawing, they would note the number of it, and make your products. I want to find what book/catalog that was so I can find that clipart/icon or whatever it was called then.

jazziyarbrough 4 years ago

Love the way you break down your information into small bite size chunks with options! Thank you for the useful info, I need some free clip art!

mrkensworld profile image

mrkensworld 4 years ago

Thanks I have linked back here also in my Squidoo lens creation series.

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UKGhostwriter 4 years ago

I can always rely on you for reliable information, I was running out of ideas for online graphic I have plenty. Thank you!

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kmyangel 4 years ago

Very useful information for newbies ! Thanks for sharing ! Kisses :*

anonymous 4 years ago

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anonymous 4 years ago

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BarbaraCasey 4 years ago from St. Petersburg, Florida

Thank you! Bookmarked.

anonymous 4 years ago

Thanks so much! Bless you.

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pringle1troy 4 years ago

Thanks, was just struggling with this. I had sources, but they aren't clear on their copyright rules, etc.

anonymous 4 years ago

THANK YOU! I was stumbling over how to cite photos this morning and you solved my confusion! Thanks so much!

smadamij 4 years ago

sandi_x 4 years ago

Thanks! You help me to solve another problem

Thamisgith 4 years ago

Great resource. Thanks for that.

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lynnasafriend 4 years ago

Thank you, just what I was looking for!

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Another great lens to bookmark, for future reference. Thank You.

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JDEEZY 4 years ago

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msseiboi 4 years ago

Helpful..thanks for sharing

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Diva2Mom 4 years ago

Love the easy access "Tweet" buttons right by the Guestbook, how slick! I just tweeted a msg about your Children's Latin Translation books, cause I couldn't find where to leave comment, haha. My son will really like this lens...

anonymous 4 years ago

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StationNord 4 years ago

Thank you for the lens! I am so going to use it!

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KathyMcGraw2 4 years ago from California

Just put this in the New Squids Library as a is a great one, thanks!

chft55 lm profile image

chft55 lm 4 years ago

Nice lens! I use Microsoft Word clipart sometimes, and I'm pretty sure that's legal, but I'm just making sure. It is, right?

timshyu63 4 years ago

thanks! I love it

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LaurisB LM 4 years ago

Thanks again! Your lenses represent a whole "how-to" course. Fabulous!

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BLemley 4 years ago from Raleigh, NC

Great! Thanks for all these great resources! B : )

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Your other lenses sounds great. But I am still struggling to earn money

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efcruzarts 4 years ago

great resources for digital artist

clerana 4 years ago

Very helpful, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

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bossypants 4 years ago from America's Dairyland

This is a wonderful resource: having all these sources in one place is incredibly helpful. I'll be referencing this lens again and again! Thank you!

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mouse1996 lm 4 years ago

Great information. I will have to check out all the suggested sites.

PhilominaTheSicilian 4 years ago

Thanks, great info. I learned a few things that I didn't know.

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iamraincrystal 4 years ago from Manila Philippines

Amazing lens! I'm glad I found you and your lenses! ^_^ Thank you so much!

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AdeelAthar LM 4 years ago

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PaigSr 4 years ago from State of Confussion

Thanks for the info I will have this one book marked for further reference.

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shineall 4 years ago

Wow, so many ways to get graphics for my lenses, really helpful. Thank you for writing such a masterpiece.

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ggruden2 4 years ago

Nice Informativ lense!

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LaraineRoses 4 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

I've been writing lenses for quite a while now and I have never known where to find free graphics. I was looking for one today and I stumbled on your lens. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so very grateful! This is a purple star lens, of course! I will be checking out your other lenses too. Angel blessings!

jackthebuilder 4 years ago

Tons of info on how to legally get images for a web presentation. Thanks for writing this great lens. :)

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sahilwaste 4 years ago

a very useful lens, thanks for sharing all the info. :)

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CreativeExpress 4 years ago

This is a wonderful all of yours are with regard to photos and Squid lens making. I really appreciate access to this information. You are a fount of knowledge! Thanks for sharing!

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moralblogger lm 4 years ago

Wow! What a great lens and a great resource for photo's...

Thanks so much!

cricketlady 4 years ago

Awesome! Thanks great info for us Newbies!

NaturalLifeCoach 4 years ago

Great compilation of free graphics! Thanks heaps! Will be using some of these links for sure.

Alessandro Zambon profile image

Alessandro Zambon 4 years ago from Italy

Thanks GreekGeek, your lens opened my mind on image rights.

Before it was like a jungle for me, between rights, prices and possibilities.

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onyesvic 4 years ago

Great stuff!

anonymous 4 years ago

great info to add to lenses , thank you for that lens :)

AdityaAgarwal 4 years ago

nyc lens you shared

dominiqueamara 4 years ago

Very helpful! Thank you!

bskcom 4 years ago

As someone who works as a graphic designer, I've found your collection of resources invaluable to me. Thanks for all of the research you did!

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loveanime22 4 years ago

Very helpful thanks

AdOnce 4 years ago

Good leans! :)

emmyjas 4 years ago

Wow! That was a lot to take in! I'm new to Squidoo and I have found it a bit overwhelming, but with great insight like yours I'm feeling better. When you're a newbie it's hard shelling out $300 for photo credits or paying monthly fees.

anonymous 4 years ago

I appreciate the links to the image sites. My website has always lacked quality images due to pricing issues. Open source sites definitely will help.

Thank you

anonymous 4 years ago

If possible, I am new at this, a teacher trying to make a difference and have my word get out... could you check out my lens

I would truly appreciate a LIKE.....Thank you!

fadhlyashary 4 years ago

i need this information, and done .. i got it ..

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cgbroome 4 years ago

This is great! I know have a one-stop source!

anonymous 4 years ago

Please do another: this time confined to sources that are not only completely free but which require no attribution -- that's what we all really want.

RockingChairWisdom 4 years ago

A very thorough undertaking to identify all these sources.

Always appreciate those talented folks that have allowed their creations to be part of Creative Commons or the public domain.

dellgirl 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing this information on Where to Get Free Web Graphics. This is really helpful!

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sentivaweb 4 years ago

Thanks for this info!

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Good information, thanks, have squidliked, pinned and G+1

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TheFreeLife 4 years ago

You have some great lenses! Really Really like how you put them together!

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GregoryMoore 4 years ago from Louisville, KY

Great tips. I love to use my own images where possible, but also use the Flickr creative commons search from time to time.

anonymous 4 years ago

This is a great list for us bloggers! Thank you so much for doing the research.

anonymous 4 years ago

Fantastic reference and source...Thanks for the list!

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mrdata 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing with us valuable info!

anonymous 4 years ago

Thank you for this list.

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texan203 lm 4 years ago

Fantastic list of resources. Thank you

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donnetted 4 years ago from South Africa

Wonderful resources for images and I use most of those mentioned, plus crate my own. Thank you. Bookmarked and blessed by a passing Squid Angel.

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reviewmaker lm 4 years ago

Nice collection. Thanks

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AlexVolker 4 years ago

Good to know. Always looking.

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rasnasah 4 years ago

Very Informative lens.I am very impressed.Wow.It helped me a lot .Thanks.

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Lots of great info, thanks!

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suepogson 4 years ago

This is very useful. Thanks

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Athenasia 4 years ago

Very helpful! With pictures, It's always the more the better. Thanks for sharing valuable tips and sources. Great Lens!

Alex-45 4 years ago is another site for free photo images. Photographer credit and link back to site required and they provide the html code to do that. Thanks for sharing this excellent list.

anonymous 4 years ago

Thank you so much for all the really useful information. Love it!

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ukprowriter 4 years ago

Awesome tips. Thanks

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InfoCoop 4 years ago

Excellent info as always. Especially liked the tip about the govt websites.

Pinnsvin 4 years ago

This has to be the best lens about graphics I've come across so far! Thank you for this great resource!

Finding the right picture can be really hard sometimes, especially when you're on a tight budget. And I'm always confused, if I buy a stock photo how to credit it properly.

scss 4 years ago

»-(¯`v´¯)-» . . »-(¯`v´¯)-» . . »-(¯`v´¯)-»

Happy Valentine Day!

All the very best to you and your loved ones, from me and mine!

Helene Malmsio aka. SCSS

BlueBoxMedia 3 years ago

Thanks for the list :)

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Jawill 3 years ago

Great lens, helps a lot. If you are going to use images it's a must to understand the rights.

Ferdinandalonso 3 years ago

Good resources, will help me a lot!

slimmingLinda 3 years ago

Great info, I'm always struggling with finding images, not anymore :)

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kingston123 lm 3 years ago

Interesting lens.I really like these graphic designs. i am also a graphic designer and share this lens with my facebook friends.

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renagirl 3 years ago

wow great lens thank you

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sazzy881 3 years ago

Thank you very much with all your hints and tips about squidoo, you have inspired me to start creating new lenses. Thank you!

storytimesam 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing. This is really helpful to know. Great Lens!

TravelLover81 3 years ago

Thanks! I'm going to bookmark your page. I frequently have a difficult time finding free images on the web...

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jen becht 3 years ago

Your squidoo lens are amazing. I read them all the time. You have helped me so much !!!

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adammuller003 lm 3 years ago

I've used your advice. Thank you!

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BlowDryBar 3 years ago

This is exactly what I was looking for!

Troywilson123 3 years ago

Great lens. You have shared very important and useful tips. Thanks

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Merrci 3 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

Thanks for so many great suggestions! They will come in very handy!

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pitlock 3 years ago

Love these ideas, I need all the help I can get LOL!

ThePresentationTutor 3 years ago

Thanks for all of the great information! I will be using it in the future.

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Vortrek Grafix 3 years ago

Great resource. Thanks

scottlin 3 years ago

Awesome article thank you very much for going to the time to put this together!

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Axamit 3 years ago

Thanks for the compilation!

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VioletteRose LM 3 years ago

Great tips, thank you!

Archbob 3 years ago

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sofia-alex83 3 years ago

How about it here you can many vector Free your website, graphics designers and blogs.

try some best today!

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Donna Cook 2 years ago

Terrific lens! Bookmarked for future freebies.

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mythphile 2 years ago from California Author

@sofia-alex83: Good tip!

mythphile profile image

mythphile 2 years ago from California Author

@Archbob: Added, thanks!

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LampsPest 2 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to share this information. Now I have to go look for some pictures.

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FatBoyThin 2 years ago from Kinneff, Scotland

Very informative and useful - thanks for taking the time to do all the leg-work!

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Sean Fliehman 2 years ago

Wow this is great material. I use graphics and pics a lot so I'm always searching for free legal material.

VectorFreebie 2 years ago

These are great resources for free graphics. You can also get free vector graphics from

Ricky Johnson 23 months ago

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Javier 22 months ago

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