Gel Candles

Compelling Gel Candles

Gel candles have become one of the most popular candles, and there's no doubt the unique look of the 3D effect is the primary driver of that interest. The finished products are extraordinary to look at as you can see from those pictured below..

They are also among the most popular of homemade candles, as they're a lot of fun to work with, and again, the finished product, when done right, looks like a work of art, not only a candle. In other words, there's a lot of personal satisfaction from the person creating it.

One of the particular elements that make it so compelling is the transparent gel used to make the candles. Not only does it look good when it's just sitting there, but light up the candle and it gives off a beautiful glow.

Add to that the variety of things that can make the gel candle scenery look great, like glitter, miniature pieces, and numerous other parts, and you get the whole picture of what makes gel candles such an increasingly popular candle.

Butterfly Gel Candle

The gel candle photo of this butterfly is really nice. The fantastic dark color filled in by the orange looks magnificent. No wonder gel candles are becoming so popular to have.

Gel Butterfly Candle

Ocean Gel Candles

This particular grouping of gel candles are a good teaching tool. First of all, as you can see, you can have gel candles in a variety of size holders, making them unique and very different.

But with the ocean themes below, it shows one of the strengths and weaknesses of making gel candles, and that is the bubbles that come with the art form. Now with ocean and water-themed scenery, it works great. It enhances the work as you can see below. Anything that bubbles, even like the look of beer, will work. Most of the bubbles come from the temperature when poured, so the number of bubbles respond accordingly. This can easily be changed by re-pouring the gel.

Yet this is why you see so many ocean or water themes with gel candles, as they are the easiest to make, looking fantastic as well.

Ocean Candles

Rose Petal Gel Candle

Here is a very simple but beautiful gel candle. With the rose scent it really offers a great visual and scent experience for the user. These really look nice when they're lit up.

Rose Petal Candle

Stunning Gel Candles

These beautiful gel candles take it to another level, and show what they can look like when lit up and placed in the right atmosphere. Another reason why they're growing so popular, as it's hard to duplicate what you see here with other candles.

Decorative Gel Candles

Calla Lily Gel Candle

This really takes the gel candle in a different direction, and shows the tremendous versatility and use you can get from one. What a fantastic piece to add to a wedding or a very special occasion. It's an extraordinary addition to any d├ęcor.

Calla Lily Candle

Gel Candles

Gel candles speak for themselves as to why they're so compelling and desired by people. No matter what the occasion, they can be used in the most everyday way, or stand forth as a major part of any important celebration or festivity.

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