Hand-Painting Flowers and Fairies on Garden Rocks to Make Beautiful Gifts

This is my forget me not flower basket rock that I painted and sold years ago.  Forget me nots painted on a rock make a wonderful gift of flowers that live forever!
This is my forget me not flower basket rock that I painted and sold years ago. Forget me nots painted on a rock make a wonderful gift of flowers that live forever!

You Can Learn How to Paint on Rocks

There are many ways you can learn how to paint on rocks. I painted my first rock in the summer of 1972 in upstate New York while away on vacation with friends.

We had nowhere to go and all day to get there as they say, but we were never bored - EVER. In any case, that's when I painted my first rock, a basket of blue and yellow daisies which still sits on a picture stand in my parents' living room some 44 years later. I think they liked it!

Kids love to paint on rocks because it's fun and easy. If they make a mistake, they can simply wash off the paint and start over again.

I rediscovered the art of painting on rocks as an adult when I was looking for a creative outlet. I found the book "PAINTING FLOWERS ON ROCKS" by Lin Wellford to be inspirational. It is one of many books she has written on the art of rock painting.

It's a fun hobby to enjoy with the whole family!

You can learn to paint flowers onto rocks to give to anyone in your life as a beautiful momento for a any special occasion - birthday, anniversary, housewarming, friendship, Mother's Day to name a few. And, oh, if you think you can't paint, think again!

There are many tools you can use to aid yourself in the creation of a hand-painted flower rock, stencils being the number one choice. Stenciling is very easy to learn and will give you the means to paint basically anything on a rock that you choose. It doesn't have to be perfect, they all come out beautiful.


Painting on Rocks is a Great Hobby!

So, do you think you are going to try painting on rocks?

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Joy56 profile image

Joy56 4 years ago

beautiful, and the books advertised here also look fab.... i have never done this but it looks so nice, and not too hard. I live near the beach,, so i should be able to find some rocks.

MAGICFIVE profile image

MAGICFIVE 3 years ago from New York

I love your fairy rock! Did you use a black Sharpie marker to outline your picture?

nancymaggielee profile image

nancymaggielee 3 years ago Author

Thank you, and, and yes I added the outline with a fine point black Sharpie.

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