The Importance of Doodling for Your Sanity

the napkin i completed while watching the news
the napkin i completed while watching the news | Source

I'm not sure why 'doodling' gets such little credit in the art world, everyone always raves about paintings, charcoal drawings and giant iron sculptures but little sketches on napkins and corners of your notebook are practically ignored. Where would we be without the few minutes a day we spend scribbling small pictures onto scraps of paper we keep by the phone, computer or we've pulled out of our bags - personally, I'd be insane.

A couple of years ago - 2003, to be exact - Jim Henson had an exhibit at the Hornbake Library of University of Maryland, College Park of his early drawings and doodles. Perhaps when someone reaches a certain amount of fame their doodles and random scribbles become important and worth something to someone other than ourselves.

scientists say, "doodle!"

According to new research doodling helps you learn and students are now being encouraged to doodle in the margins of their notebooks. It may have not worked for me but doodling has been said to inhibit students understanding of science, something about retaining information and can help people communicate the theories back at a later date. I think my grade nine science teacher, Mrs. Blake would have been wise to draw me some chalk pictures for me because her diagrams resembled sanscrit printed onto legal paper.

Apparently, there are some hidden meanings behind the most popular doodle drawings.

  • arrows - indicates an ambitious person who is extremely passionate about their goals.
  • eyes - indicates someone who feels constantly watched, Sydney Prescott would probably the kind of person who is constantly drawing eyes on napkins, police reports, and, well, bodies of her dead friends.
  • boxes - are you feeling restricted and trapped? It may explain why you are always drawing boxes and rectangles, perhaps you're being kept in a cage or have recently been incarcerated by the law.
  • zombies - you are one of the many people who believe there is a zombie apocalypse coming or in the government cover-up

The most important part of doodling is it keeps you sane and allows you to escape the real world for a few minutes a day. While you answer the phone/sit on the bus/watch television/concentrate on a conversation you let your mind wander and suddenly you have a napkin full of arrows with faces sitting infront of you. The most interesting part of doodling is what you are able to create with a little amount of effort, put them in a photo book or shoebox wait until a rainy day to pull them out.

the tools you need to create a perfect doodle

I like to carry around a BIC fine point black pen around with me, find a pen or pencil (though, pencil is harder to draw on multiple surfaces with) you are most comfortable with and keep it in your purse, pocket or backpack. Then, my friend, be on the lookout for any surface you are able to get your hands on - doodling is a little different from graffiti, so remember to keep it legal until you are a little more hardcore and can keep an arsenal of spray paint on you at all times.

You could be super organized and just carry around a sketchbook with you everywhere but then it would be classified as drawing than doodling - just carry around the pen and your ability to drift away on a cloud of whimsy. So scientists, researchers and this hubber all urge you to doodle and frame whatever comes out of it.

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DDS profile image

DDS 5 years ago from Toronto

A thumbs up from me for doodling!!

hisandhers profile image

hisandhers 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yay! I love how you included my doodle. I totally still have to work every Saturday from now until the rest of my life. Doodling is definitely a way of letting it all out, right?


P.S. Love how Hubpages signed me out so my last comment ended up looking super odd.

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