The Jooze Juice Boxes a new type of juice boxes for kids and toddlers

The Jooze Juice Boxes

Have you ever seen the usual juice boxes that are available in stores? Well if you have then you know what I am talking about they are in different sizes small, medium boxes that are used to hold juice inside so that way it does not get out.

This student named Yunyeen Yong created a school project in which he had to design some loose empty juice boxes for kids and toddlers a like. Moreover these jooze juice boxes have a unique style in them with a creative and fun twist that will have kids and toddlers wanting for more making them a big hit each juice box comes with it's own individual figure and slice of fruit plus they all have something in common they all stand in one angle.


The Packaging

Mainly the packaging content of this product is about enjoying any slice of fruit it can be a strawberry, apple, orange, pineapple etc. Another thing to consider if drinking juice is a challenge to your kids then why not a Jooze Juice box instead to solve the problem. Then after your kids are done enjoying their juices what they can do is wash and rinse their fruit boxes good until they are clean again what is great about this product is that children can make them their own best friends and the most important part of this is that it will also show them about going green and that they can also help the enviornment while having fun you can also show them that by using these as juice boxes they are saving them from being thrown into garbage landfills.


The shape of the logo is done by the shape of the slice fruit and then it's typeface has a sense of fun and a hands- on personality which is a good match for small children and toddlers. The logo being part of the representation of these fun filled juice boxes also have bright colors on them to make your kids cheerful and feel that they can have a good day ahead of them and finally make children connect to this unique brand. They are invented to get the attention of the public and make them realize that children at a very young age need a healthy nutrition in order to grow healthy and strong.

I think Jooze Juice box is a very artistic and creative brand they are juice boxes with fun but they also hold a sense of life lessons for the younger children they show responsibility, care and teach them how to have imaginative and creative individuals.

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Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

Wow. Just... wow.

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

What a clever idea. I haven't seen these yet. Thank you.

spotlight19 profile image

spotlight19 5 years ago from California Author

Thank-you this juice product is amazing and healthy at the same time and I am glad to share it with you.

lyn 5 years ago

can i ask a questions what are the things to consider in making juices

spotlight19 profile image

spotlight19 5 years ago from California Author

The one of the things you can consider in making juices is that if you want to maintaina healthy habbit when drinking some type of liquid you have to make sure it has the right nutritional ingridients.

Stephanie 5 years ago

where can I get this ? :(

spotlight19 profile image

spotlight19 5 years ago from California Author

Im not sure but ill research more about it since I see that you are curious about this product. Then I will tell you later with the answer ok:)

spotlight19 profile image

spotlight19 4 years ago from California Author

From what I found out about this product is that it was created by a student in Australia as a school design project so my guess is that it is a product from Australia. But I think I will find out more about it to see if that is true.

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