How to Make Flower Bouquets

How to Make Flower Bouquets

Flowers represent different feelings and emotions, and they are well liked and offered in a variety of occasions such as birthday, wedding, Christmas or Mother's Day... Therefore the flower bouquets are so appreciated by people and when comes the time to assemble a bouquet may arise some questions on how to do the ideal arrangement.

Aiming at this goal are presented below: Basic Tips on choosing the flowers, how to match colors and even how to prolong the life of a flower bouquet.

There are several ways to make a flower bouquet suitable for the specific occasion, the types of the chosen flowers in making the bouquet, the flowers combine well with each other, etc...

In the choice of flowers is indicated essentially the meaning that they carry with them, for example, lilies symbolize purity and is ideal for young people and celebrations like Christmas, bouquets of roses are suitable for romantic occasions such as wedding celebration, for example.

Other flowers such as begonias carry meanings for the values of friendship, perfect as gifts to give to friends. Other flowers such as chrysanthemums are used in funeral ceremonies, being appointed to honor loved ones at funerals.

Besides observing the meanings of the flowers, bouquets are often used for decorative purposes, it is this aspect, mainly personal criteria, in choosing the bouquet in relation to ornamentation for the rest of the environment, it is important to the harmony of the flowers with the chosen place. Thus extols the value of the shape of flowers, their respective colors and the care that must be maintained for the good looks of the bouquet or arrangement in the chosen environment.

The choice of colors is a key step to match the bouquets and flower arrangements to the desired environment, if the choice of mounting arrangements with a single tone, monochrome, it is stated in making the gradient and the combination of arrangement with one or more neutral tone, as white and beige, for example.

When you want to mount a multicolored bouquet or arrangement (by the way, there are shops that sell flowers online), it is important to remember that colors can model the shape or enclose it, causing the eye of the beholder walk by the color of the desired shape. For arrangements multicolored indicates the choice of a predominant color.

You must remember that the shades can be cold or hot, the first place more sober environment, and bring a spirit of calm and harmony. The latter, in contrast, indicate arousal or enjoyment, bringing light to the place which is decorated.

There are also times when the colors of the arrangements are fixed, like Christmas, for example. As a last tip, we recommend watching the colors and objects that the site will be decorated has thus made up an ornament that matches the place.

To keep them alive longer, it is important to pay attention to the specificities of each flower and essential care with water, light, ventilation and cutting.

Another important tip in time to preserve the arrangement is to keep him away from media that can assaulting them, as the proximity of incandescent lamps, excessive ventilation, and air-conditioning dries the plants.

One can conclude by stating that the flower arrangements and flower bouquets have high ornamental value and aesthetic, and mount them with grace, it is recommended attention to its composition (with the choice of flowers, shapes and colors) as well as to their modes cultivation (with keeping the flowers alive, preventing them from external aggression, and considering the specificities and needs of each flower).

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