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If you would like to show off your creative and crafty side, why not start making your own purses? You can still follow the fashion trends, but you can create whatever style and size that suits you, and it'll be totally unique!

There are all sorts of different styles of purse you can make including small clutch bags, coin purses, wallets, eyeglasses cases and camera pouches - In fact there is a tutorial for every requirement, taste, sewing ability level and pocket!

I hope you find the below roundup of projects useful, and I hope it inspires you to let your imagination run wild :-)

Leather Drawstring Purse


Useful Purse-Making Tools & Materials

You're only as good as your tools, so make sure you buy good quality basic tools to help you to create awesome purses!

Fiskars 45mm Contour Rotary Cutter (195210-1001)
Fiskars 45mm Contour Rotary Cutter (195210-1001)

A rotary cutter has to be a must-have for any sewer because they allow easier and more accurate fabric cutting. This model is by Fiskars and has a lifetime warranty.

Singer Sewing and Detail Scissors Set with Pink and White Comfort Grip
Singer Sewing and Detail Scissors Set with Pink and White Comfort Grip

Sharp fabric scissors are essential for clean cuts, and they should only be used for cutting keep them in the best condition. These 2 pairs are a perfect set for large and small jobs, and are guaranteed for life.


Purse Making Intro & Tips

There are many fabrics out there which can make for a confusing choice, however if you're a beginner I would definitely recommend cotton or linen first. Nothing too thin or flimsy, unless you are doing to add interfacing to stiffen it, or batting to bulk it up. Quilt weight cotton is most common. Home décor and upholstery fabrics are often used too as they're quite sturdy and durable. Other fabrics you can use are leather (or faux leather), vinyl, canvas, silk, wool, calico or denim. You can also reuse other materials such as vintage tablecloths, or even sweaters (however watch out for sweaters as they stretch unless you felt them first in hot water). Purses are hardly ever made with stretch fabric so don't make life difficult for yourself by choosing a stretchy material!

- For linings, a thinner material than the outside is used and it is often smooth and slippery such as polyester or nylon. Cotton is also a popular choice, especially if you want the lining to be patterned. Fabrics made specifically for lining will be labelled as such, and if it's polyester then try to go for an anti-static option.

- There are various fastenings and closures you can use for purses, with the most common being zippers, button flaps, velcro and magnetic snaps.

- Interfacing (also called interlining or stabilizer) is used to firm up the walls of your purses, making them stiffer without completely losing flexibility. For instance if you are using thin cotton and it's too flimsy for you, then you can add interfacing to the inside of the fabric, and perhaps a lining too (in order to hide the interfacing on the inside). Or maybe you want a purse to stand upright when put down? Interfacing is not usually necessary for small purses but is more more often used for larger designs. The important thing is to not fear it because it is an extra stage in the project and because you may not have heard of it before.

There are different 'weights' of interfacing (lightweight to extra heavyweight), and the heavier the 'weight', the stiffer the resulting fabric will be. Medium-lightweight is usually enough for a purse project, but it's a useful product so I would suggest experimenting first before you use it in a final project. Interfacing is available as either 'fusible' (also called 'iron-on'), or 'sew-in'. The fusible type is ironed directly onto your purse fabric so that it sticks, and you should use a fusible interfacing that is a lighter weight than your purse fabric. On the other hand, the sew-in type can be a higher weight than your purse fabric and is often used with the fusible type.

Click here, here and here for excellent interfacing information.

- Wadding/batting is a material used in a similar way to interfacing but is there to add bulk rather than stiffness. You will find it used in quilted bags, and it is basically a cushioning layer you add to the inside of your purse fabric (and is also good for handles/straps). Wadding is also available as either fusible/iron-on or sew-in.

Recycled Fabric Pouch


Duct Tape Purses


Wallet Making Video Tutorials

Cute Felt Purses

beige big babushka fabric matryoshka dolls Kokka (per 0.5 yard multiples)
beige big babushka fabric matryoshka dolls Kokka (per 0.5 yard multiples)

The choice of fabrics you can choose from for your sewing projects is endless, and this particular product is a matryoshka design on 100% cotton. Buying fabrics can be very addictive!


Purse Making Video Tutorials

Pleated & Framed Purse


Recessed Zipper


Chain Wristlets


Polka Dot Wallet


Sewing Pleats


There are many different pleating patterns you can try to incorporate into purses if you want to add an interesting design accent; including box pleats, pintucks and diagonal pleats. The above diagram shows 3 different ideas to get you started; I've tried to show how the pleats in each picture are formed and what they look like both from the top and from the front.

1) This is a pleating design where the middle section is furthest forward. The vertical line on the diagram represents how much of the pleats are pressed with an iron; not usually more than 1/3 of the way down the purse. A lot of the time you will see bags and purses that have the pleats formed and sewn in place at the top and not at the bottom so that the pleats disappear as they go down to the base, giving a flared effect.

2) This is a repeating pleat pattern, with the back-and-forth folding being the same going across the top. Again, this one is only sewn at the top, with a short amount of the pleats being iron pressed, so that the pleats disappear about midway. The pressed section of the pleat folds can also be sewn if you want to keep them in place permanently.

3) This is an all-over pattern of parallel pintucks. The thin pleats are folded and pressed all of the way down, and therefore they must be secured with stitches at the top and the bottom. You can also sew vertically along each pleat too if you like, especially if the surface you are pleating is large.

You can be creative with pleating so don't be afraid to experiment :)

Scrappy Phone Case


Pocket House Purse


D12 Dice Handbag


Photo and purses by Lenore Edman - Click here for more details.

Pyramid Purses


Mini Keyring Purse


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Learning how to sew is very economical. Since the baby always outgrows his/her clothes, making them by yourself can help you save a lot. This is perhaps the reason why many mothers are indulging in making childrenâs clothes. Not only are they saving budget for the family, but also, they are using their recent knowledge on how to sew as a source of income.

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A leather hip pouch is a great way to have coins on you if you don't have a wallet with a coin holder.

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I have knit purses! I think I made one out of a brown paper bag once as a kid, too.

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