My own paintings

I have been painting my whole life.

I paint because I have to. Unfortunately I have never got any education at art-schools or courses. I still have so much to learn. But I love to paint and I hope you can see that in my flowers.

Most of my paintings are in my own possesion and some of them are sold. I have also painted on wood and baskets. Some of those are spread all over the globe:)

White Roses

To paint with water colour

I have pasted a youtube movie here to show how you can paint with water colours

Of course it takes a lot of training, mistakes and many hours to become a skilled painter.

Look at me - I have thrown away so much paper and canvas over the years. But I still cannot stop painting.

It is kind of in the blood. Do you feel like that too?

Please write me if you want to have advise or cheer.

I want to help you get started.

I have also posted some paint from Amazon here. So go ahead. Buy it and start!

How to paint with water colours

Blue bells and roses

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Zsuzsy Bee profile image

Zsuzsy Bee 6 years ago from Ontario/Canada

Your blue bells and roses are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing

regards Zsuzsy

mulberry1 profile image

mulberry1 7 years ago

Very helpful video. I love your work and always enjoy seeing it!

mulberry1 profile image

mulberry1 7 years ago

Your painting is really beautiful, I would love to see more of your work!

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