My Free Counted Cross Stitch Patterns

Alaska travel

New Charts

****new patterns will be marked with stars******

October 2 Alaska Cruise

October 14 snowman

Some of my charts are really detailed and can be hard to see when printed out, so I will be converting my artwork charts to pdfs and putting a link on the sites for those particular charts. I don't know how my links that hubpages will allow me so I will not do this for all my charts just the more complicated ones. However if you are having trouble reading the detail on any chart, just sent me a message in the comments for that chart and I will try to fix it.

This site has links to the dozens of cross stitch patterns I had uploaded on hubpages, directly below are also links to my blogs, where I had added even more patterns.

I have downloaded so many cross stitch patterns over the past few years that I wanted to give something back, so I have made some of my own patterns. Every pattern I make I will put a link on this page. I will be adding a least a couple of patterns every week, usually more.

I have made the charts using symbols because I prefer that myself and I hate using up my color ink cartridge. But if anyone would rather used color symbols, please tell me and I will color symbol charts to each page. It isn't a problem, I just don't know if that is what people would like.

Christmas Bunny

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KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

Wonderful collection of cross stitch patterns. Thanks for sharing.

craftybegonia profile image

craftybegonia 6 years ago from Southwestern, United States

Terrific hub!

WGCreates profile image

WGCreates 5 years ago

This is a great collection of patterns. Thanks for sharing them.

hanh.tran 5 years ago

they are so beautiful. Thanks very much.

Lorrie 5 years ago

These patterns are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing

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