Orchid Arrangements

Orchid Arrangements

Orchids are considered one of the most beloved species of flowers, grown all over the world due to its elegance, delicacy and rarity of some species. Many times cultivated in places there are open to the public so they can be admired.

An excellent option is making arrangements of orchids for decoration. In this hub we presented tips on how to assemble these arrangements, talking about the species commonly used and tips on conservation.

The use of orchid arrangements for decoration is an interesting way to decorate the home environment or the working place, providing enough care with their conservation and general aesthetics.

One tip is to harmonize the arrangement with where the decoration is made, ie it is necessary that the arrangement combine in shades and format in the place that will serve as ornamentation.

One tip is to choose an elegant vase that matches the arrangement of orchids. One way to use arrangements of orchids is the option of combining them with other flowers, or a mixture of species of orchids in the same colors or decorative arrangement.

Among the variety of orchid species found in the market and shops selling flowers online stands the epiphytic orchids specie, which are commonly used in arrangements. Other widely used are species of flowers such as cattleya, phalaenopsis and oncidiuns because they have good strength in indoor environments.

The other species can be found as a solution, but often are resistant only to external environments such as gardens and balconies.

To maintain arrangements of orchids with more durability and beauty are required some basic care with water, solar lighting and maintenance required, such as cut and removed the dead flowers from the arrangement.

Regarding brightness it is recommended the indirect contact with sunlight, as there are risks to damage the flowers by the sun rays. Flowers must be watered constantly, to maintain humidity, but not too much to discourage the proliferation of fungi and parasites. Another important factor is in relation to temperature, it varies according to species of orchid.

In conclusion it can be stated that the orchids are a beautiful and elegant way of adornment, mainly due to the beauty of the flower, which varies according to species (and thus found a wide variety of arrangements in local flower shops) and with the necessary care arrangement to keep its length and liveliness, providing a beautiful form of decoration.

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